Get involved with your Students’ Union: Positions Available at Students Council

Check out how you can get involved and effect real change within NUSU and Students' Council this academic year.

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See how you can get involved!

We have several Officer/ Rep positions and Committee roles still vacant for the 2021/22 academic year. These roles will be avalaible for election or nomination at the first Students’ Union Council meeting on Thursday 21st October.

The roles and positions are a great opportunity to input into key areas of work, as well as gaining valuable experience of working within and finding out what is going on at NUSU.

Available Officer Positions and Representative posts.

  • Marginalised Genders Officer – This is a Liberation Officer position. The holder is responsible for ensuring that issues concerning discrimination against Marginalised genders are accurately represented within NUSU and the University.
  • LGBT+ Officer The NUSU LGBT+ Officer is responsible for representing the interests of LGBT+ students within the Students’ Union and the University. They oppose all prejudices and discrimination against people who are LGBT+ on campus and raise awareness of issues of sexuality and gender. They liaise with the LGBT+ Society and will be a non-executive non-voting member on the Society’s committee.
  • Campaigns Representative – Sits on the Welfare, Campaigns and Liberation Executive Committee. Responsible for working with the Welfare & Equality Officer and Campaigns & Democracy Coordinator to co-ordinate Students’ Union campaigns.
  • Open Places x 8 – These are permanent voting positions on the Students’ Union Council. Those who are successfully elected to these positions can attended and vote at every Council session throughout the academic year.

Available Executive Committees Positions

(Please note these places do not have a vote on Council)

  • Education Exec  (4 places available) - a chance for School reps to feedback key issues from their Schools and discuss new University policies and future education based campaigns that NUSU might want to run
  • Welfare, Campaigns & Liberation Exec (8 places available)- co-ordinates and plans campaigns delivered by NUSU to address welfare and equality.
  • Steering Committee (2 places available) considers and approves business before it goes to Students' Union Council, ensuring motions are in a suitable format and sets the order paper.
  • Finance & Risk Committee (2 places available)- responsible for setting and monitoring budget delivery for NUSU
  • Disciplinary Committee (12 places available)- to hear, adjudicate upon and where necessary determine punishment in respect of offences against the Constitution.


If you would like to nominate yourself for an open place, rep position or for a committee, please join us at the Students' Union Council meeting to be held at 5.15pm on Thursday 21st October in the History Room at NUSU (via Teams or in person). At the meeting you will be asked to say a few lines to outline why you would like the role or to  join the Committee and depending on how many people nominate themselves, a vote may be taken to decide who is elected.


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