Hall and Community Rep Term 3 Update

Diane and Meg on a litter pick Hall and Community Rep term 3 update

One of the biggest things to update on from this term is that for 2019/20 onwards Hall and Community Exec are merging to be one Exec committee. This is because a motion was proposed and passed at the May NUSU Council resolving to bring the two Execs together. This is thought to be a positive step forward by Hall and Community Reps in terms of joint working and in supporting Hall Reps who tend to be first year students. The Exec will meet no fewer than five times a year with the University accommodation team invited along.

The rest of this update reflects both the Hall and Community Rep achievements in term 3.

Community Action

There have been many projects on the go within the Hall and Community Rep teams this term. The brighter weather makes it much easier to encourage outdoor activity. Not only have the Reps been busy in their local areas but you can see from the images that they have active at the coast!




Dianne and Meg (Albion House Hall Rep and City and West Community Rep) are involved in the ‘Friends of Leazes Park’ empowering local residents including students to give back to their community.  One of the projects they were involved in was re-staining the park benches. You can see their artistry below (don’t worry the graffiti wasn’t permanent!).


Park View Student Food Bank

Rachel Martin, Hall Rep for Park View Student Village, introduced a Student Foodbank to support students who find themselves struggling financially.

The food bank was located on the 3rd floor store room of the Alwin building in Park View Student Village. It was open Wednesdays 12-3pm, during term time. If students found they are in need at any other time of the week (since hunger usually isn't convenient!) they could email to request access.

How it worked

It was open to any Newcastle University student, all that was needed was some proof you are a student.  There will be no record taken of who is using the service but we did ask that consideration was taken when choosing the items needed so that there was enough to go around. Students were asked to bring their own reusable bag. The food bank also had a small store of toiletry items.

Because Rachel is moving out of Park View the Student Food Bank will located in the Students’ Union reception every Wednesday 12-3 starting in September.


Along with giving food to those in need, Rachel is also seeking more donations for the Student Foodbank.

I'm hoping that students who are able would consider buying perhaps one extra item on their shopping list. Most of the items can be inexpensive and bought for less than £1 like beans, pastas, or packet meals.

“While I am hoping to be able to cater to students with allergies, given that food is donated I can't 100% guarantee that something hasn't come into contact with allergens and students will need to take caution if they have severe allergies.” – Rachel Martin

You can leave donations at the Students’ Union reception or alternatively at the Park View reception during opening hours.

If you require further financial support please contact the Student Advice Centre who offer free financial advice or alternatively contact University Wellbeing Services who manage the Student Financial Support Fund.


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