Inclusive Buddies Introduction

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Inclusive Buddies Introductions

You may have come across our page and thought to yourself ‘What even are Inclusive Buddies?’ Or alternatively you may have heard a bit about us and come to find out more! Well hopefully this will start to lift some of the mystery. We are a team of six diverse and enthusiastic Newcastle University Students whose sole purpose is to help you integrate well into the community here, and ensure that nothing makes you feel alienated.

We’re here to help everyone feel welcome, whether your experiencing issues as a BAME individual, as someone from a low-income household, estranged students - or anyone who needs support and advice. Whether it be culture, finance, mental health or you simply need a chat, feel free to message us anytime!

Throughout this year we hope to share our experiences and advice via UniBuddy (hence the spin on the name!) - posting blogs and answering questions, through social media channels, and here, on this very page! We’ll also be engaging in a variety of campaigns to help Newcastle become your home away from home.

Here’s a little more about the six of us individually:


Latest News

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It has been a busy term and we can't believe where the time has gone??! Check out representation in action at NUSU.

Our Impact: Prioritising the Decolonisation of Newcastle University

Hear from Dorothy, this year's President of the Students' Union, who co-launched our Decol campaign this year.

Our Impact: Launching of our Postgrad Mental Health Campaign

Your Postgraduate Officer talk through the launching of their PG Mental Health initiative this academic year.

A message of solidarity with our Asian Community

A message from Nadia, your Welfare & Equality Officer. CW: Hate Crime & discrimination

Our Impact: A bigger, better PhD funding scheme

Your Postgraduate Officer is pleased to share the details of the updated COVID-19 Impact Funding Scheme for PGRs (formerly known as the COVID-19 Impact Scholarship Scheme).

NUSU Standing in Solidarity.

"We as a team of seven women, spanning race, sexuality and class, stand in solidarity with the women protesting gendered, patriarchal and state violence"