Interested in getting involved in NUSU’s committees?

Find out which committees need volunteers and how to get involved.

Students sitting around a table Find out which committees you can put yourself forward for

Places are available on the following Committees for the 2021/22 academic year and will be elected at the Students’ Union Council meeting on Thursday 20 May 2021 via Zoom.

The Committees are a great opportunity to input into key areas of work, as well as gaining valuable experience of working within a Committee and finding out what is going on a NUSU.

Committee’s meet approximately 6 times per academic year during term time.

  • Steering Committee (6 places available) - The main responsibilities of Steering Committee are to approve business for Students’ Union Council, to approve motions calling for a General Meeting, to approve business for General Meetings and to set order papers for both General Meetings and Students’ Union Council.
  • Scrutiny Committee (7 places available for those who will not be NUSU Officers in 2021/22) - The responsibility of Scrutiny Committee is to review the performance and actions of the governing bodies and elected officers of NUSU and to ensure that activities run by NUSU are being conducted in accordance with the Constitution. 


If you would like to nominate yourself for a position on a committee, please join us at the Students' Union Council meeting to be held at 5.15pm on Thursday 20 May (via Zoom). At the meeting you will be asked to say a few lines to outline why you would like to join the Committee and depending on how many people nominate themselves, a vote may be taken to decide who is elected. If you are not already a member of Student Council, please e:mail here to receive the Zoom joining details by 5pm on Wednesday 19 May. If you are unable to attend the meeting, you can nominate yourself via email here by 5pm on 19th May, stating which position you are interested in and a few lines on why you are interested in this position.

At May's meeting of Student Council, we will also be electing to the following roles: