Join us for the first meeting of the year of Student Council

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What is Student Council?

Student Council is key to decision making at NUSU, and it’s where you get to help shape how your Students’ Union is run. Not only does Student Council decide some of the campaigns and events that we run and support, but it’s also where we decide you can change our policies, our constitution, or the major issues we raise to the University. You can also keep up-to-date with what your elected NUSU Officers are up to and scrutinise the work that they do.  To see what motions have been voted on in the past, or see what motions are currently in discussion, head here.

At Student Council, attendees can also put themselves forward to be members of NUSU Committees or take up specific roles at NUSU. See which committees you can put yourself forward for here. At the first meeting of the year, we will also look to elect to the NUSU Officer position of Chair of Scrutiny (find out more here), NUSU Campaigns Representative (see job description here) and the NUSU Ethics and Environment Rep (find out more here).

When does it take place?

Student Council takes place six times a year (and currently operating on a virtual basis via zoom). All meetings take place from 5.15 pm on a Thursday and each meeting lasts for around 90 minutes, with the first meeting of the year taking place on 29 October 2020. Click here for a list of times, dates, and locations for this year’s Student Council meetings. 

How can I take part?

Council is open to all students and all attendees can voice their opinions on the motions. However, to vote, you need to have a formal voting place. If you don’t currently have a voting space (These voting spaces are usually reserved for NUSU Officers or those elected by the relevant executive committees, for example, Societies Exec and Education Exec.) and would like to attend the meeting on 29 October please email

How can I gain a voting place?

There are a few options.

Open Voting Places

Students are elected to the 8 Open Places at the first Student Council meeting of the year and those who are elected into position have the voting place for all six meetings for that academic year. You can email to find out more.

Casual Voting Places

The 20 Casual Voting places are allocated to students that sign-up (using the sign-up below) for each individual council meeting.

Each Student Council meeting holds 20 Casual Places which will be made available to any student who wishes to attend that particular meeting and vote. If you would like to apply for a casual place, complete the sign-up form below (you will need to log in to the website first). The deadline for applying for a Casual Place is 48 hours before each meeting, so usually the Tuesday before at 5pm. If more than 20 students register for a Casual Place, places will be allocated using a random number generator and you will be notified by email by 12 noon the day before Council to let you know if you have/haven’t been allocated a place.

if any student who has been allocated a Casual Place doesn’t turn up by the start of the meeting or there are some places unallocated, these places will be re-allocated, so always worth joining the meeting and seeing if there is a voting place up for grabs at the start.

I can’t attend but want to keep up-to-date?

Like the NUSU Your Voice Facebook page and look out for NUTV’s live stream.


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Join us for the first meeting of the year of Student Council

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