Keep Newcastle Looking Lush!

Keep Newcastle Looking Lush

Covid-19 had effected everyone and for some turned their lives upside down. When the full lockdown was announced in March the majority of students living in Newcastle took the Uni’s advice and left to return to family homes or alternative accommodation. It was estimated that around 10% of students stayed in Newcastle making it a very different place. Newcastle missed you and we were happy when the lockdown restrictions were lifted and students began to return to stay for the last weeks of their tenancy or to move their belongings onto another house or flat. With the return of course came a desire to get back together with friends in a socially distanced way, and with this of course came the criticism from a small minority of permanent residents. We read a couple of news articles in The Chronicle with reports of up to 300 students partying on fields etc. etc. Fake news we know but we wanted to do something to help you live your best life while respecting covid-19 rules.

Keep Newcastle Looking Lush

This very simple campaign aims to support you in getting rid of your rubbish following a picnic in the beautiful green spaces Newcastle has to offer. With funding support from the Uni and logistic support from Tesco Jesmond (Acorn Road) we have a table set up for you to take a rubbish bag (or two) to enable you to separate your rubbish and then take it home to sort in your household bins. This will hopefully help keep bins from overflowing and will keep the complaints at bay. Look out for further places to pick up a bag as more students return/arrive.

“What a great initiative. Simple and practical and hopefully will help to keep the litter down.”

But this is just a drop in the ocean of the work we are involved in within the community. A collaborative approach has been adopted over the last few years to create a cohesive way of working for you on the many issues that can crop up, although our main aim is to shout about how much you bring to the city.

NUSU Student Life Exec

Newly established for this year, SLE replaces the Hall and Community Exec and will become part of the NUSU democratic structure. SLE includes a student rep or NUSU Officer from the following areas; NUSU, University accommodation, the local community, commuting students, ethics and environment and volunteering. Each Rep or Officer will lead on campaigns and projects decided within the Exec to enhance and improve student life for the students they represent.

Membership of the Exec.

  • NUSU President
  • Hall Rep
  • Community Rep
  • Ethics and Environment Rep
  • Volunteer Rep
  • NUSU Commuting Students Officer

You can get involved! We are looking for the Student Life Reps now. Get in touch to find out more.

Community Unity

Previously known as the ASB working group. The ASB (Anti-Social Behaviour) working group was first set up in response to an increase in ASB in Jesmond.  The renamed Community Unity group includes representatives from Newcastle University, NUSU, Newcastle City Council, Northumbria Uni and SU and Northumbria Police, elected Councillors representing the main areas that students live.

Projects and campaigns include Operation Oak,  BNOC (Best Neighbour on Campus), Leave Newcastle Happy, Love Living In and Students in the Community welcome information.  Housing (landlords, bins etc.) is also a regular agenda item.

SINF (Students in Newcastle Forum)

The SINF is chaired by the Deputy Leader of Newcastle City Council. Members include representatives from Newcastle University, Northumbria University, Newcastle College, NUSU, Northumbria SU, Northumbria Police, PCC, Nexus Travel, Public Health, Council Licensing and Housing teams.

Members of the Forum identify the needs and issues of students in the city in the hopes of finding solutions to address the challenges identified.

Meeting once per term the SINF gives staff and students an opportunity to create positive change not only within their own institution but at a local and national level. It is a collaborative and co-operative effort of partnership work that ensures that Newcastle continues to be a top destination for students.

Four subgroups meet outside of the main meeting to work on specific projects and campaigns. The addition of an EDI subgroup is hoped to be introduced in 2020-21. Updates from subgroups are permanent agenda items.                                                                                                 

  • Housing
  • Crime and Antisocial behaviour
  • Communications
  • Health and Wellbeing

Regular Agenda Items

  • Transport – Getting the best deals for students on local transport. How to best communicate with International students who are not familiar with transport systems.
  • Leave Newcastle Happy – Widening the support and celebrating successes.
  • Student Voting Registration-Ways in which institutions and the City Council can work together to ensure students register to vote in Newcastle.
  • Licencing- How can we tackle the city wide promotion of cheap alcohol targeted at students?
  • Student Safety – Road safety, safety on a night out.

Working hard to make your life in Newcastle is as good as it should be and to ensure the student community is valued across the city.


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