We're looking for a LGBT+ Officer for the 2021-22 academic year

Can you support LGBTQ+ Students? Could you be the next LGBT+ Officer?

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If you believe the role is for you, make sure you come along to Student Council

The NUSU LGBT+ Officer is responsible for representing the interests of LGBT+ students within the Students’ Union and the University. They oppose all prejudices and discrimination against people who are LGBT+ on campus and raise awareness of issues of sexuality and gender. They liaise with the LGBT+ Society and will be a non-executive non-voting member on the Society’s committee.

The election for the 2021/22 LGBT+ Officer will begin at the next meeting of NUSU Student Council which will take place on 21st October 2021. If you would like to run in the election you can come along to the meeting and let us know that you will be nominating yourself. Please note: you could team-up with another person who meets the criteria and put yoursleves forward to run as a job-share. You may also want to have something prepared to let other students at Council know why they should vote for you – just a general overview of your experience, interests and why you are running – as during the meeting there will be a section for elections during the meeting and the Chair will call for you (and any others running for the role) to stand up and give your short speech. Should more than one of you put yourself forward, when the meeting ends the cross-campus ballot will open to which all students can vote for who they would like to be next year’s Officer using the Single Transferable Vote method.  If just one of you puts yourself forward, you will be elected at Council, provided there are no objections (if there is an objection it will go to a cross-campus ballot)..

If you believe the role is for you, make sure you come along to Student Council from 5.15pm on Thursday 21st October 2021. You don’t need a voting place. You just need to inform before 5pm on 20th October 2021. If you are unable to attend the meeting, you can nominate yourself via email here by 5pm on 20th October, stating you would like to run for the position of Marginalised Genders Officer and a few lines on why you are interested in this position.

Please get in touch with any questions.


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