Leave Newcastle Happy 18-19 update

A big shout out to all of you who donated, skipped and picked up litter!

“I can’t believe the difference. It’s like a totally different place”

Leave Newcastle Happy returned to support the ‘big student move out’ in Jesmond and West Jesmond at the end of summer term. The campaign focussed on the areas and streets that we know have a large amount of HMO (houses of multiple occupancy) and due to the amount of people living in one house, can generate a lot of waste when students move out. Coupled with the fact that there is not adequate bin provision we feel that extra support is needed and that’s why NUSU get involved. Working in partnership with NU, Newcastle City Council, BHF, Keep Jesmond Clean and BIFFA, this campaign grows with each year and might just be the answer everyone was searching for.

The campaign has a three way attack. British Heart Foundation (BHF) donations, litter picks and skips in key location throughout the weekend following exams all help to create harmony in what could once be described as a resident v student war zone.

 Litter picks

Litter picks happen every day during the last week of term and we encourage students and staff to join us in this ‘ethical mindfulness’ for an hour or two. We collected over 100 bags of litter during the week, got to enjoy the good weather and got a bit of exercise at the same time. All good things.

British Heart Foundation Collections

The donation giving to BHF is an important part of the campaign and especially in ‘giving back’ to the city that hosts thousands of students each year. The money generated by Student donations has a wider benefit in the BHF’s vision to create a world free from the fear of heart and circulatory diseases. This year a grand total of 31,062 bags were collected across the city including accommodation sites at Newcastle and Northumbria Universities. A staggering amount totalling in £434,868 towards the vital BHF work. In fact, since the campaign started we have raised over ONE MILLION POUNDS for the charity!

Rubbish collection

The city council refuse service help to take away the ‘top layer’ of rubbish from the jam packed wheelie bins. This helps enormously in the ongoing issue of bins being tipped out in lanes. The FREE to use rubbish skips are an easy way for students for student to rid of their household waste such as course work and items not suitable for donation. The skips collected 6.5 tonnes of waste to be recycled with BIFFA. This was made possible by the dedicated KJC volunteers who door knocked on doors near to the skip locations.


        Look out for details of the 2019-20 campaign when it returns bigger and better.