Leave Newcastle Happy

Pick, Skip and Donate this Summer with Leave Newcastle Happy

Leave Newcastle Happy is one of NUSU’s strongest environmental campaigns, growing each year and creating a positive relationship between students, NUSU, Newcastle University, Newcastle City Council and many local residents. In 2018 a massive 17,911 bags were collected with a value of £250,754 and diverted 143 tonnes from landfill.


This end of term, donate and save lives. Look out for the British Heart Foundation (BHF) donation banks across the city and donate your unwanted goods in the BHF bags that will be dotted around the student areas.

What to donate

Clothes and shoes, bags, accessories, books, games, electricals, pots and pans, cutlery, homeware. Please do not donate quilts or pillows. These can go in the rubbish skips.

How to donate

Fill up your BHF bag (take as many as you need) and drop it off in one of the donation banks located at:

City Centre

  • Students’ Union (at the side of the building)
  • Civic Centre (public car park)


  • Studley Terrace NE4 5PA


  • Cheltenham Terrace NE6 5HR
  • Chillingham Road NE6 5LL
  • Hotspur Street NE6 5BH
  • Heaton Park Road NE6 5PR

Jesmond and West Jesmond

  • Jesmond Road (Cradlewell), NE2 1JX
  • Brandling Village, NE2 4RS
  • Lyndhurst Avenue, NE2 3LJ
  • Brentwood Avenue, NE2 3DH
  • Jesmond Library, NE2 2DL


  • Doncaster Road NE2 1RB


  • Wretham Place, NE2 1XU
  • Napier Street, NE2 1XJ


As well as donating in the British Heart Foundation donation banks, look out for the rubbish skips located in Jesmond and West Jesmond. We have hired these rubbish skips for you get rid of your household rubbish and any items that are not suitable for donation

The skips will be in the following back lanes during the weekend after exams (Friday 7 June - Monday 11 June or Tuesday 12 June, depending on the location). Over the weekend, the rubbish skips will be located in the following back lanes:

  • Bayswater Road, NE2 3HR
  • Cavendish Pl, NE2 2NH
  • Devonshire Place, NE2 2NB
  • Forsyth Road, NE2 3DB
  • Manor House Road, NE2 2LY
  • Queen's Terrace, NE2 2PJ
  • Sunbury Ave, NE2 3HD

Remember to use your blue recycling bin for mixed dry recycling and black caddy for glass. Check out what can go in the bin.


An important part of leaving the city happy is the community litter picks that happen throughout the last two weeks of term. The aim is to encourage recycling, and to reinforce all of the work by the University and Students’ Union with our local community to encourage positive relationships.

Litter is one of the challenges of city living, and when thousands of students are leaving their rented accommodation in a short space of time it is easy for rubbish to pile up.

Each tidy up event will start at 11am and lasts for around three hours. Please wear suitable clothing, but you will be given all other equipment that you will need, including gloves.

Dates and meeting points for the litter picks are:

  • Monday 3 June – 11am, Francesca’s Restaurant, Manor House Road, NE2 2LU
  • Tuesday 4 June – 11am, Tesco’s, Acorn Road, NE2 2DJ
  • Friday 7 June - 11am, Francesca’s Restaurant, Manor House Road, NE2 2LU
  • Monday 10th June - 11am, Tesco’s, Acorn Road, NE2 2DJ
  • Tuesday 11th June – 11am, Arlo’s, Brentwood Avenue, NE2 3DT
  • (CANCELLED) Thursday 13th June – 11am, Francesca’s Restaurant, Manor House Road, NE2 2LU

If you would like to join us for one of the Community Litter Picks, please email Kay or you can meet us there.


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