Leave Newcastle Happy

This summer Leave Newcastle Happy by ridding of your unwanted household items in a sustainable way.

Leave Newcastle Happy Logo Get rid of your unwanted items in a sustainable way.


The end of this academic year is now in our sights and many of you will be starting to think about moving out of your term-time accommodation and what to do with the bits you need to throw out, donate or recycle.  Leave Newcastle Happy is the NUSU end of term move-out campaign. It provides helpful resources for leaving your accommodation in a covid safe way, whilst helping you get rid of your unwanted items, and securing back you're your damage deposits. 

In previous years we have located rubbish skips in key areas during the big move out weekend but this year because of the lockdown restrictions and students staying away from Newcastle it has made it hard to pick a date to suit everyone. With this in mind, we have collated the information below in the hopes that it helps you in sourcing the places and ways to move out without dumping everything in the lane (you can be fined for doing this by the City Council). 

Hopefully, in June we will be free to be able to get out and about for clean up litter picks in Jesmond. Look out for the call to action if we can! Read about the full Leave Newcastle Happy campaign here.

British Heart Foundation Donations

Pick up a donation bag from the SU reception or use your own and donate unwanted items for resale.

What to donate

  1. Furniture: sofas, beds, dining table and chairs and more (upholstered furniture must have fire labels).
  2. Electricals: TVs, washing machines, fridges.
  3. Homewares: vases, soft furnishings.
  4. Fashion: clothes, shoes, accessories.
  5. Books: travel, fiction, kids.
  6. Entertainment: instruments, vinyl’s and more.
  7. Gadgets: consoles, tablets, laptops
  8. Fitness equipment


Where to donate

Over the last six years we have worked closely with BHF and the city council to make sure there are donation banks close by. If you live in Uni halls check with reception staff for information on how to donate in halls.

  • Students’ Union Building outside next to the Co-op entrance
  • Studley Terrace NE4 5PA
  • Wretham Place NE2 1XU
  • Napier Street NE2 1XJ
  • Hotspur Street NE6 5BH
  • Lyndhurst Avenue NE2 3LJ
  • Brentwood Avenue NE2 3DH
  • Heaton Park Road NE6 5PR
  • Jesmond Library NE2 3HB
  • Civic Centre NE1 8QH
  • Jesmond Road – Cradlewell NE2 1LA
  • Doncaster Road NE2 1RB
  • Chillingham Road NE6 5LL

Read more here from the BHF on how to organise a free collection, find an alternative donation point or post for free.

Food Collections from the 24th May

Look out for food collection boxes around Jesmond with the Leave Newcastle Happy posters attached. Please only donate unopened bags, jars, tins or packets etc. Student volunteers will be collecting the donations regularly and taking to the local food banks.

So far there are boxes located on the following streets.

  • Devonshire Place, NE2 2NB
  • Forsyth Road, NE2 3DB
  • Manor House Road, NE2 2LY
  • Mayfair Road, NE2 3DN
  • Queen’s Terrace, NE2 2PJ
  • Sunbury Ave, NE2 3HD
  • Tavistock Road, NE2 3JA


  • SUGAR (500G)
  • RICE

Household Rubbish

Now that movement is less restricted you may be planning to come back to Newcastle to clear out your old house or flat. Please don’t dump your unwanted household rubbish in the lane but instead (if you have transport) visit one of the rubbish tips in Newcastle. Household waste and recycling centres There are three sites in Newcastle where you can recycle items and also dispose of any extra household waste you might have. These sites are strictly for the disposal of domestic waste (waste from your home). Byker is closest to the areas that many students live. Read all of the Newcastle City Council Coronavirus advice here.

Additional information from Newcastle City Council

Due to adaptations made for Covid-19, the queue waiting times became very long at the Household Waste and Recycling Centres HWRCs. To help with this, we introduced a new entry system which relates to the registration plate of your car. Here is a further explanation of this:

Newcastle City Council’s recycling centres at Brunswick, Byker and Walbottle have a number of measures in place to ensure social distancing, reduce the spread of Covid-19, and keep both staff and visitors safe.

Visitors cannot use vans or trailers. Only one person is allowed out of the vehicle. Ideally only one person in a car but it is appreciated that there are exceptions (a student may be with a parent who is the driver that would be acceptable), as long as only one person gets out the car inside the site. The student would have to show a bill or other statement with their name and Newcastle address on it along with photo ID. Their student ID pass would suffice so with both of these they would be able to access the site.

To minimise queues, entry to our sites is linked to the date and the last number of your vehicle registration. How the entry system works:

To make the new system as easy as possible to understand cars with an odd last number – that is 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 – will be able to visit on odd numbered days, for example the 1st, 3rd, 11th or 27th of the month.

Residents with cars with even numbered plates – that’s those ending in 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8 – can visit on even numbered days, eg the 2nd, 4th, 16th or 30th.

This system is already in place in neighbouring council areas and has seen the queues to enter HWRCs cut in half, saving visitors time and improving the flow of vehicles.

More information can be found at our dedicated Coronavirus HWRC page:

Advice and Guidance

Help is also available at the SU. The Student Advice Centre pages have a ton of useful info on looking for a property, living in your property and leaving your property including how to get your deposit back or where to get help if you are having any issues. If you need to speak with an advisor you can book an online or telephone appointment here.

The NUSU Officers are lobbying local government to support their plea for landlords to be as fair with students as they can be. You can read their letter and additional housing information here.

We know this is not the answer to every issue that students are facing and have faced over the pandemic. Be assured that your Officers are in constant communication with the University and are working hard to represent you even as lockdown lifts and we move back into a more normal life.

Email your thoughts, questions or concerns to Kay and we will try to help or signpost you on to someone who can.