Marginalised Genders Officer Election

NUSU Building Attend Student Council on 17 October to put yourself forward!

Would you like to support underrepresented students on campus? Could you be the next Marginalised Genders Officer?

The Marginalised Genders Officer is responsible for ensuring that issues concerning discrimination against marginalised genders are accurately represented within the Students’ Union and the University. They will also work closely with the other Liberation Officers and NUSU’s Welfare & Equality Officer to provide representation, advice and awareness to those affected by gender discrimination.

The Marginalised Genders Officer is open to all students who do not self-identify their gender as cis-male and who will be studying at Newcastle University throughout 2019/20.

The election for the 2019-20 Marginalised Genders Officer will begin at the first NUSU Council. If you would like to run in the election you can come along to the meeting and let us know that you will be nominating yourself. Have something prepared to let other students know why they should vote for you – just a general overview of your experience, interests and why you are running is enough. There will be a section for elections during the meeting and the Chair will call for you (and any others running for the role) to stand up and give your short speech. When the meeting ends the poll will open and we will let you know the outcome by the end of Monday 21st October at the latest.

To see what the 2018-19 Marginalised Genders Officer, got up to, have a look at Charlotte’s End of Year Report. You can also click here for a full job description.

If you believe the role is for you, make sure you come along to NUSU Council, 17th October, 5.15pm in the History Room on level 1 of the Students’ Union.

Please get in touch with any questions.


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