Meet Ali Zuhad

Image of Ali See what I have planned for the year ahead

Who am I?

I am:

  • A 2nd year N200 Business Management Student;
  • Course Rep for N200 for 2 years;
  • Former Campaigns Rep at NUSU;
  • International Students Officer at NUSU.

What is my role?

As a Course Rep it is my responsibility to represent the academic interests of the students on my course. I attend Student-Staff Committee (SSC) meetings where I pass on student views to the staff and hopefully help find solutions to the issues that have arisen.

What do I want to achieve?

Previously I have tried my level best lobby for improving the visibility of student reps at business school and as of this year student chair names will be available on main screen at business school. I have presented forums at Student summit and since an year am still working on them with key staff. I look forward to raise voice for problems overall students face on my course.


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