Meet Meggie James

Image of Meggie See what I have planned for the year ahead

Who am I?

I'm an MA student studying Creative Writing here at Newcastle University. I'm from the North West although I did my undergraduate degree at the University of Kent. I love to write realism-based prose and have a keen interest in queer literature.

What is my role?

I work alongside Course Reps within the School to determine student opinions in regards to their course and studies. I take this feedback to the Faculty level,  ensuring that the student voice is being heard. I then feedback the decisions made to the students in my school in order to keep everyone informed of the productive solutions being made.

What do I want to achieve?

This academic year is the first in which we have had to adjust to a new way of learning through online study due to the Coronavirus pandemic. As School Rep, I want to meaningfully help shape the University experience for students who struggle with the adjustment from in-person to online teaching.

You can feedback to me here:


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