Meet Tom Wellesley

Tom Wellesley See what I have planned for the year ahead

Who I am

Originally from Oxford, I'm now a third year BA Music student. I've been involved with student representation since my first year - I was a Course Rep in the Music SSC for two years and found it very rewarding. Outside of my studies, I have a passion for singing!

What my role is

Working alongside Course Reps in my School, I try to gauge the student mood regarding academic issues, and feed this back at Faculty level, ensuring the student voice is heard when key decisions are taken. Then I feed back any decisions taken at Faculty level to students in my School, ensuring they are informed. I also inform NUSU's Education and Postgraduate officers about University wide issues concerning the student experience.

What I want to achieve

I've not been in the role for very long, but I've already secured a commitment from NUSU that they will lobby the University for clarity in how they will mark work this year, particularly where students have had restricted access to on-campus resources. I'm also hoping to achieve more of a sense of community within my school through opportunities to work collaboratively across different disciplines.


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Meet Tom Wellesley

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