My experience as a School Rep

I've learnt how to introspect, organize and communicate

Being a School Representative for postgraduate taught students in the School of Arts and Culture for 2019-2020 has been an extremely rewarding experience for me so far. 

I must admit that initially I thought it would be a cakewalk - after all, we had all the solutions worked out. But once I started talking to the Faculty, I understood how difficult it is and how a problem that looks like it has an easy fix is riddled with complexities underneath. 

No school is perfect, but it is amazing to be in a position to help reach potential solutions. I've learnt how to introspect, organize and communicate my thoughts better. I've become a better listener and also realised the importance of brainstorming and coming together to reach these solutions. The team at NUSU is really supportive, making the daunting task of representing the entire school much easier. 

Apart from being an excellent networking opportunity to interact with the Faculty and students from other courses, it is also really fun.  My favourite part still is the people you meet and the energy with which everyone is collectively trying to make a difference. 

What you learn and achieve when you a School Rep is completely up to you. If you are someone who enjoys taking the lead and working together to create positive changes to your school, this role is for you! 


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