NUSU Christmas Council 2019 Update

Student Council Logo It was a very passionate meeting!

It’s could be said that this is one of the most popular meetings and were not sure if the bucks fizz and mince pies has something to do with this? Thanks Katie for dishing out the festive cheer!

All joking aside, this was an important and well attended Student Council, most probably because of the recent reports of racism, homophobia (and the University’s procedures in disciplining the  students involved in these matters) as well as gender based violence. As stated in the communications sent out to students, the NUSU Officer Team stand in solidarity with students who have been targeted because of their race, sexuality and gender, and Student Council is the perfect place to create policy change within NUSU as well as to lobby the University to make things better.

The motion, proposed by Stand Up to Racism, “Taking Action against Racist and Homophobic Behaviour on Campus” called for full disciplinary procedures to be undertaken regarding a recent incident involving Newcastle students using racist and homophobic language. It also resolved that NUSU creates more stringent rules for Societies, Clubs and Student Media to follow which lead to serious disciplinary action for most egregious cases of racism and homophobia. Lastly the motion called for NUSU to lobby the University to put forward a plan as to how they can prevent incidents like these from occurring again and to release the results if the current investigation.

The motion passed with an amazing 100%. Warren Brown- Headley spoke with passion and grace and should be proud of the result.

All other motion results.

Motion 301 passed with 96% support and clarified that Postgraduate students who graduate during the December elections are eligible to run for the Postgraduate Officer position in the following academic year.

Pass 96%

The second constitutional motion on Amendment to the NSR Constitution also passed with 96%.

Passed 96%

Motion 401 on Modern Languages Year Abroad Funding Pledge was the first of the ordinary motions, needing a simple majority to pass. This motion resolved for the University to extend its alternative funding guarantee to all future Stage 3 Modern languages students in the event that the UK leaves the EU.

Passed 91%

The Positive Allies Charter Mark motion also passed with 96%. This means that the stigma surrounding people living with HIV and AIDS will begin to be tackled on campus.

Passed 96%

Motion 404 Support Lecturers on Strike failed to reach the simple majority needed. It failed with 57 % of members voting against. This result means that the NUSU Sabbatical Officers will continue remain neutral on the recent UCU industrial action.

Failed 57%

You can see all the motions that passed here or watch back NUTV’s excellent coverage here.

Get in touch if you have an idea for a motion or want to know more about Student Council and how to get involved. Also, if you would like a voting place at the next meeting of Student Council, which will take place on 13 February, sign up for a Casual Place here.

Happy Christmas from the Your Voice team!


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