NUSU Online Council, 7th May, 5.15pm

Student Council Logo May's Student Council is on!

Most things have been cancelled in order to stay safe during this difficult time but NUSU Council will still happen on the 7th May. Permanent and casual place members will be invited to attend an online meeting to hear, debate and vote on the proposed motions. The final Council is a joint Council when the current and incoming Officers attend to discuss possible future campaigns, projects and policy changes for the upcoming academic year. It also gives outgoing Officers a chance to summarise their year in office and to give first words of advice and guidance to the incomers. But it was not the joint council that steering committee prioritised when deciding on the online version, it was the motions that students will be submitting before the end of the year that propelled the unusual way of delivering the meeting. Final council is really important to those final year students who want to leave a legacy or have a desire to improve the experience for others who will return next year.

Unfortunately, because of technology restrictions we won’t be able to offer invitations to non-voting members, but we will hopefully be able to broadcast the meeting retrospectively. At the very least the results and minutes will be published following the meeting.

If you don’t have a permanent voting place you can apply for a casual place before the Tuesday 5th May, 5.15pm deadline.

Information for voting members to read before the meeting:

The meeting will be via Zoom. If you need any help with the workings of Zoom please email


The documents will be sent to you via email as normal. When you receive the motion documents please read them before the meeting. If you have any questions or for and against arguments please email to let us know by 10am Tuesday 5th May. We can’t guarantee that you will be picked to speak but it will be helpful if the Chair is made aware of who would like to speak before the meeting.

The motions will be proposed and debated in the usual way and the order paper will also look pretty similar.

For the motions submitted to be passed, we still need Student Council to be quorate. Therefore, if you are member of Student Council, please let know if you will or will not be attending.  With this in mind please only apply for and accept a casual place if you are definitely sure that you can attend.

There won’t be any pizza deliveries but we may be able to stay online and have a quiz afterwards. Any keen quizzers get in touch with to help with the hosting.

Any questions to See you all on Zoom on the 7th May, 5.15pm.


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NUSU Online Council, 7th May, 5.15pm

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