NUSU Reps gathered your feedback in February

Rep Awareness Week artwork Summary of Rep Awareness Week 2020

What was Rep Awareness Week?

Held between 17-21 February, the Rep Awareness Week campaign aimed to raise the visibility of Academic, Hall and Community Reps on campus - highlighting their achievements and giving you the opportunity to feedback to them on your student experience.

What happened?

Your NUSU Reps were on hand all week to gather your feedback and let you know more about how you are represented at University. Our Reps held 20 stalls across campus, from Castle Leazes to the Cassie Building, from the Robison Library to the Old Library Building. It was great to see the diversity of Reps hosting stalls, whether it was our Ethics and Environments Rep, Academic Reps or Hall Reps; undergraduates, postgraduate taught or postgraduate research students, or all three of our Faculties.

Charlotte Fielding, our fantastic UG School Rep for Modern Languages (Image: Charlotte Fielding).

It was also great to see individual Reps recognised by staff in their Schools during the week, with some Reps singled out for praise on social media:


What kind of feedback did Reps gather?

On the positive side, it was great to see a lot of shout-outs to the Reps themselves.  

On the negative side, you told us about the importance of clearer and timelier feedback, consistent ReCap provision and more mental health support. You also expressed your frustration about too many 9am and back-to-back lectures and…the price of cookies on campus!

What happens next?

At NUSU, we’ll start sorting through our big pile of post-it notes to make sure your feedback gets back to the right Rep.

In the meantime, you can get in touch with your Academic, Hall or Community Rep via our website.

If you want to find out how your Reps have already improved your student experience, why not take a look at the Big Wins section of our website?

Finally, if you are a Rep and would like to host a stall in your School, you can email




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