NUSU to introduce a new Commuting Students’ Officer

Metro train Nominations Open on 15 April!

At the last meeting of NUSU Student Council, members of Council supported Sian Dickie’s motion for NUSU to introduce a new officer position for 2019/20 to represent students who live at home and commute to and from University. The position will be a volunteer officer position and would be undertaken by a student alongside their studies. The role would also be included as one of the eight Liberation Officers for 2019/20.

When Sian presented the motion at Student Council, she talked passionately about the need for a Commuting Students’ Officer. Through a series of testimonials she outlined some of the issues that commuting students face, such as finances and caring responsibilities, unreliable public transport, not feeling part of the University community and assessment hand-in requirements. In addition, Sian highlighted other issues facing commuting students at the recent NUSU Student Summit. At the Summit, the expense of travel to and from University for those students who commuted from outside the city centre was identified as a major financial burden to commuting students.  

The Commuting Students Officer role itself would go further than tackling some of the issues identified an d would look to create clear and strong links with the Welfare & Equality Officer and Societies to ensure that University life is fully accessible to commuting students.

The election for the Commuting Students’ Officer will take place this May. Nominations will open on 15 April and will close on 3 May at 10am. Nominations will be open to all students who will be studying at Newcastle University throughout 2019/20 and who have lived at home and commuted to University for some or all of their degree. You will be able to find out more information about the election and to nominate yourself at between this time period.

Voting will open at 7.30pm on the 16 May and will close at 2pm the following day, with results announced later that night.   


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