NUSU's Pledge of Solidarity

NUSU building at Sunset Our pledge to you

You may have read recent reports that students in Newcastle were subject to racist abuse. NUSU does not tolerate hate crimes of any kind and stands in solidarity with anyone who has experienced prejudice or hate because of who they are. Our city is not diverse enough and it means that ignorance and bigotry can go unchallenged. We must condemn actions like these, while simultaneously creating a welcoming and safe environment. By working together and educating one another, we can tackle the attitudes that often divide us.

If you have experienced a hate crime you can report it here. These reports are essential in supporting students but also in helping us campaign and create positive change.

Alternatively you can seek support from:


Other News

Closing Attainments Gaps
Outside the Northern Stage

The University is working on a project to look at closing attainment gaps for certain groups of students. A part of the project you are invited to an open meeting, 2-4pm on Tuesday 26 March.

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Students demonstrating for climate change

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Students getting their focus group on

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School Rep Applications Now Open

Apply now to make the change and a positive impact in your school and faculty, while developing your skills, experiences and CV. Deadline for applications is 9am on 29 April.

Nominate now for the Student Rep Awards!

Nominate your favourite student representatives at Newcastle University for a Student Rep Award. There are awards for Academic, Community & Hall Reps, plus we are also looking for nominations for Part-time Officers, Campaigns and Staff Members who support Academic Representation. The deadline for nominations is 14 April.

Postgraduate Research Experience Survey
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