Nominees for the Student Rep Awards 2019

Check out who has been nominated for the 2019 awards and register to attend the ceremony on 13 May.

Check out the nominees and register to attend!

This year we received a record breaking 109 nominations for the Student Rep Awards. Thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate. We are delighted to announce all of the nominations for this year's Student Rep Awards! 


Course Rep UG of the Year

Ben Tattersall (Geography and Planning UG)

Matthew Bellis (Computer Science UG)

Amelia Taylor-Brown (Nutrition with Food Marketing UG)

Diane Odede (Architecture and Urban Planning UG)

Ben Maxwell (Accounting and Finance UG)


Course Rep PG of the Year

Liam Plunkett (Chemical Engineering PGR)

Maru Carbajales (International Marketing PGT)

Sophie Ferguson (Law PGT)

Brzo Qadir (Electronic and Control Measurements PGT )

Shreyans Karnawhat (Accounting Finance and Strategic Investment PGT)

Raveena Rani (Law PGT)


Student Secretary of the Year

James Woods (Combined Honours UG)

Javidan Aghayev (International Marketing PGT)

Isaac Moore (Pharmacy UG)


Student Chair of the Year

Henry Gale (Biology and Psychology UG)

Natalie Garner (Combined Honours UG)

Harry Craig (Dental Surgery UG)

Hannes Torbohm (Philosophy UG)

Victoria Godsell (Computer Science UG)

Megan Keates (Ancient History and Archaeology UG)

Veronika Milke (Dental Surgery UG)

Oyinkepreye Lucky Bebeteidoh (Marine Science and Technology PGR)

Maru Carbajales (International Marketing PGT)

Lawrence Quirk (Dental Surgery UG)

Ross Warne (Geographic Information Science UG)


School Rep UG of the Year

Farah Ahmad (History and Archaeology UG)

Amy Ingle (Planning UG)

Matthew Harper (Dental Surgery)

James Prowse (Medicine UG)

Joseph Crafton (Medicine UG)

Holly Murphy (Dental Surgery UG)


School Rep PG of the Year

Riya Bhatt (International Marketing PGT)

Luca Arnaboldi (Computer Science PGR)

Adam Azzi (Cellular and Molecular Biology PGR)

Scott Steele (Law PGT)

Rebecka Bence (Hydrogeology and Water Management PGT)

Ana Trebacz (Speech and Language Sciences PGR)


Staff Facilitator of the Year

Ruth Furlonger  (Teaching Fellow in Student Engagement: Philosophical Studies & Combined Honours)

Dr Luisa Wakeling (Lecturer: Dental Sciences)


Student Staff Committee of the Year

Planning Staff Student Committee

Combined Honours SSC

Business School PGR SSC

Chemistry UG SSC of the Year

Computing Science UG & PGT SSC

School of Law Student-Staff Committee


Hall Rep of the Year

Louise Koranteng (St Mary’s)

Michael Wong (Leazes Terrace)

Megan Smith (Leazes Parade)

Rachel Martin (Park View Student Village)


Community Rep of the Year

Meg Keates (City and West)

Aleisha Stansfield (City and West)

Rebecca Woodcock (Jesmond)


Campaign of the Year

I Need Your Knickers (Madeline Baugh/It Happens Here Society)

LGBT Awareness Week (LGBT+ Society)

Fossil Free Campaign (Rebecca D’Andrea)

Black History Month (Chris Wilkinson)

Trans Awareness Week (Charlotte Boulton)

Christmas Shoebox Appeal (Lucy Butcher)


The Daniel Wood PTO of the Year Award

Grace Algar (Students with Faith or Belief Officer)

Charlotte Boulton (Marginalised Genders Officer)

Adam Warner (Chair of Students Union Council)

Chris Wilkinson (Racial Equality Officer)


Whether you have been nominated for an award, submitted a nomination or are involved in student representation and fancy a party, then we would like to invite you to the Student Rep Awards ceremony on the 13 May 2019. Just head to the ‘Register to attend the Ceremony' webpage to sign-up for your place at the awards ceremony. We look forward to seeing you there!