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The penultimate council of the academic year started with a change in the usually order. Chair, Stephen Dawes, moved the Open Debate up the order paper to ensure a lively and energetic debate. The topic “Two thirds of Council members voted Student Council is not transparent enough. How could we improve on this?” proposed by Stephen was intended to give clarity on what the members understood to be transparency. The debate quickly turned to the discussion on voting transparency and should the way elected members vote be published? There was a feeling that Elected Officers should be transparent but Sara Elkhawad pointed out that all members of Council are elected to represent students, whether it be AU Exec, Hall Reps, Academic Reps etc. The general consensus was that this will probably need further consultation. 

The Sabbatical Officers, Liberation Officers and Chairs were asked a lot of questions during their updates on mandates section. Covaid-19 was the main topic for questions with students asking for NUSU’s stance on travel and going home for the holidays.

The meeting then moved onto the motions section.

301 Motion on “DISBANDING VOLUNTEERING EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE” was proposed by Eleanor Killner, Activities Officer who argued that the need for VEC is now redundant as the Go Volunteer department has grown and developed. They have the Grants Panel and permanent members of staff as project workers who supervise and manage our volunteer project leaders within all Go Volunteer projects. The motion also believed that current structures within the Go Volunteer department sufficiently mirror other executive committees and therefore the VEC is unnecessary. The motion passed with 91% a firm agreement form Council.

Passed 91%

Pablo Charro de la Fuente, Education Officer, proposed 401 Motion on “STOP ASSESSMENT BUNCHING” Pablo argued the following points, bunching assessment deadlines is against the University principle that units should work to ensure that workload is balanced across the academic year and programme and also that the University documents are vague about how to accomplish a balanced student assessment workload.  He added that assessment bunching is distressing for students and can have a negative effect on their mental health. The motion passed with a decent 81%.

Passed 81%

The Student Notices section followed with lots of announcements on what is going on in the coming weeks. Something for everyone to get involved in.

If you want to re-live any of the Student Council meeting, you can watch NUTV's amazing live coverage.

Get in touch if you have an idea for a motion or want to know more about Student Council and how to get involved. Also, if you would like a voting place at the next meeting of Student Council, which will take place on 14 May, sign up for a Casual Place here.Join us for the final meeting in May when the incoming Officers will join with the Outgoing Officers for the annual Joint Council.


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