Smruthi Venkat

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Who am I?

I am an international student from India and this is my first time abroad (both nervous and excited for the experiences that lie ahead). I love art and craft, love to travel and explore new places! Always up for a good conversation over a cup of hot chocolate!

What is my role?

Student representatives form an important part of this structure as they act as a link between the administrative authority and the student community. A widespread opinion existing within this community should be brought on and discussed regardless of the outcome. Similarly, the outcome of the meeting should be well communicated back to the students. I hope to form this essential link for my school.

What do I want to achieve?

It is my goal to try and address all these key factors that may hamper learning and get this academic year running as smooth as possible. Along with academic, I shall also be approachable for any issues faced in non-academic areas (extra-curricular activities/university life / personal issues). I can help point to the right information sources to obtain adequate information and possibly solve the issue


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