Stage Evaluation Proposals – Have your say!

Image of a person completing a survey. The University is considering changing the way it uses your stage evaluation survey responses.

Currently, your responses to stage evaluation surveys are anonymous. To help make stage evaluation data more useful for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion initiatives, the University is considering granting specific staff members permission to analyse your survey responses alongside data about your gender, ethnicity, religion and disability (also known as your ‘protected characteristics’ in legal terms).

There would be strict controls on who could access your data in this way. The University is also exploring restrictions on how this data is analysed to ensure that students on small cohorts will not be made identifiable from these protected characteristics to retain the anonymity of survey responses.

Jonny Hall, our Education Officer, is keen to hear your views on this topic, so please reply to our poll below to have your voice heard. If you have any further questions or concerns you can contact him at


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