Student-Staff Committee EDI and Society Reps

A group of students smiling. From 2019/20, SSCs can appoint optional EDI and Society Reps.

We know that Academic Reps work incredibly hard to ensure that the student voice is heard right across the University. For the new academic year, Student Staff Committees (SSCs) will be encouraged to consider appointing two optional new Rep positions to ensure student academic representation is as inclusive and effective as possible.

EDI Representatives

EDI Reps are Course Reps who take a lead on identifying and raising Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) issues within their School or Institute at the SSC. We will offer induction training here at NUSU for new EDI Reps to help them undertake their role effectively.

We know that some SSCs already have Reps who undertake similar responsibilities under different a title. These roles will not be affected by the introduction of EDI Reps.

Society Representatives                                       

Society Reps are committee members of relevant NUSU academic societies who act as a liaison between the SSC and their society. As Society Reps act to liaise between their society and the SSC they do not require induction training. The introduction of optional Society Reps was a manifesto aim of NUSU 2018/19 Education Officer Jonny Hall.

These new roles have also been added to the SSC Constitution and Terms of Reference (the policy document that supports the work of SSCs) as a result of recommendations made in NUSU’s 2019 Student Voice report which was approved by the University at the July meeting of University Education Committee.

If you have any questions about either of these roles or want to find out about EDI Rep training, contact Joe Barton (NUSU Representation & Research Coordinator).


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