Student participants needed for Learning and Teaching Review Visits.

Image of two people's hands pointing at a document on a table. Take part in one of the University's internal reviews and receive a £50 Eldon Square voucher.


The University is looking for student representatives to participate in its Learning and Teaching Review Visits on a range of subjects between February and May.


What is a Learning and Teaching Review Visit?

A Learning and Teaching Review (LTR) Visit is the way that the University internally reviews each of its degree programmes. LTRS involve the detailed consideration of a range of documentation and a review visit. The review team includes an external specialist in the particular subject under review, as well as lecturers from Newcastle and a student representative.


Would what be expected of me?

You will be a full member of the review team. You will have input into all aspects of the review and will be expected to chair one of the team’s meetings.

You duties as a reviewer are:

  • To prepare for the visit by reading through the documentation in advance;
  • Approximately two weeks before the review visit, to attend an initial team briefing to discuss potential themes and avenues of enquiry emerging from the subject area’s SWOT analysis and other documentation;
  • To participate fully in the review visit (approximately one day), contribute to team discussions, highlighting any issues of concern or particular examples of good practice, and help to summarise the key items to be included in the review report;
  • To comment on and indicate your approval of the draft review report;
  • To comment on any factual correction to the report requested by the relevant subject area.


What’s in it for me?

Well, a £50 Eldon Square gift voucher, for one thing!

Besides this, there’s a lot to gain from being a student member of an LTR review team. The hard work that you put in by preparing for the visit, speaking to students, attending meetings and interacting with the other members of the team will give you:

  • Enhanced employability: your CV will benefit from the communication, negotiation, leadership, decision making, and governance awareness skills which are part of the ncl+ Award and the Graduate Skills Framework.
  • A chance to influence University decisions.
  • The opportunity to gain new perspectives on the student experience and University life by working alongside experienced academic staff and meeting students on other courses.
  • A letter of thanks signed by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Education. A copy will be sent to your Degree Programme Director/Personal Tutor and Head of School.


What LTR visits are available?

The University needs one student for each review. Ideally, the student would be from the same Faculty but not the same school:

Careers Service                               5th Feb

INTO                                                12th March (afternoon), 13th March (all day)

Media, Culture and Heritage           2nd April


How do I register my interest?

If you are interested in joining one of the review teams, email, indicating your School, programme, and the review team on which you wish to sit.


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