Unlicensed taxis have been operating in Newcastle. Here's our safety messages.

We want you to be safe and sound on a night out.

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Licensed Black Cabs in Newcastle Advice for staying safe on a night out

As restrictions lift and the city switches back on, many of you will be getting back into the night life of Newcastle. Staying safe is important and we often receive urgent safety messages from Northumbria police to share with you. The most recent are concerns and warnings about unlicensed taxis in the city late at night. We want you to stay safe and although the responsibility to behave within the law lies only with those breaking it, please be extra vigilant if you plan to get home in a cab.

Information and updates from Newcastle City Council and Councillor Linda Hobson

Training has been stepped up among workers in Newcastle’s night-time economy as part of wider efforts to keep people safe in the city and deter opportunistic criminals.

Door supervisors, taxi drivers and hotel staff frequently receive vulnerability training to help them identify the signs when city centre revellers may be at risk and serve as the eyes and the ears of the police and local authority.

While we work closely with the police on engagement and enforcement, there are actions that individuals can take to help keep themselves and their friends safe on nights out.

  •  Plan your return journey home, stay with your party and drink responsibly, but if someone has had a bit too much to drink, make sure they’re safely accompanied home.
  • Use the taxi ranks provided or book travel home in advance through private hire companies, and always make sure any taxi displays a valid license to operate.

Newcastle is renowned for its hospitality industry and in order to keep everyone safe it’s important we all work together. Businesses and members of the public can play their part by making sure to contact the police if you witness any suspicious activity. To report any concerns to Northumbria Police dial 101. In an emergency or if a crime is in progress, ring 999.

How are NUSU tackling wider issues?

Within NUSU partnership working the Officers are a key part in support and prevention campaigns, projects and progress. They are vital in amplifying the student voice on these issues and stand side by side with survivors and victims of crime.

Work around sexual violence is and remains a priority, alongside ensuring that thinking around report and support stays informed, progressive and survivor centred they are also working with partners to bring a much needed focus on prevention and zero tolerance messages to those perpetrators of sexual violence. The message that this will not be tolerated needs to be loud and clear.

With a new full time, Wellbeing and Support Coordinator leading on the sexual misconduct and hate crime work NUSU move forward with more resource to have a greater focus on this vital work.

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