Update on the first NUSU Student Council of the Year

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The first council of 2019-20 started with food, refreshments and a packed room. So good to see so many new and returning students ready for democracy. We also welcomed the new Chair of Council, Stephen Dawes.

The first council is always different due to the elections of reps and committees. There was a lot of enthusiasm to sign up to the various opportunities and as Pablo (Education) stated “this can be one of the best things for your CV”.

The results –

Open Places x 8

Jennifer Mills, Jamie Hampton, Courtney Levin, Elizabeth Meade, Alexander Cantave, Adam Warner, Amelia Webb


Campaigns Representative

Nominations Received from Matthew Lacey, Ali Zuhad


Ethics & Environment Rep

Nominations received from William Hayes and  Emilie Coutin


Disciplinary Committee (12 places available)

9 nominations received from: Emily Skinner, Nuria Sancayo, Alexander Cantave, Courtney Levin, Jamie Hampton, Owen Lukins, Elias Al Dahan, Charlotte Sowter, Jack Train


Education Executive Committee (4 places available)

2 nomination received from Gillian Salmon (via e:mail), Elesha Haslam


Finance Committee (2 places available)

5 nominations received from : Elexander Cantave, Elizabeth Meade, Freya Cantwell, Adam Warner, Emily Skinner


Scrutiny Committee (5 places available)

4 nominations received from: Jack Tickle, Alexander Cantave, Jamie Hampton, Courtney Levin


Steering Committee (3 places available)

3 nominations received from: Alexander Cantave, Elizabeth Meade, Owen Lukins


Welfare and Campaigns (8 places available)

9 nominations received from: Ali Zuhad, Martha Dale, Alice Fish, Charlotte Boulton, Jennifer Mills, Owen Lukins, Charlotte Souter, Matthew Lacey,  Aleisha Stansfield (via e:mail)

9 nominations were received for the 8 places available on this committee, however one of these nominations has since been elected as the Campaigns Representative, and automatically gets a place on this committee. The following are therefore elected onto the committee: Martha Dale, Alice Fish, Charlotte Boulton, Jennifer Mills, Owen Lukins, Charlotte Souter, Matthew Lacey, Aleisha Stansfield

The Marginalised Genders Officer role was also up for election. Two worthy candidates came forward, gave speeches and the result of the election is…….

·         Marginalised Genders Officer - Eleasha Haslam elected


Read the full article here.

On to the business and the first motion Annual Review of Policy. This is a returning motion that cleans up and lapses the existing Council Policy. This was passed as a business motion meaning that the lapsed policies will be removed from the list.

Motion 301 Amendment to the role description of Editor of the Courier passed with an impressive 98%.

Karina Sorrels (Postgrad Officer) proposed the Postgraduate Officer Role Description motion. Karina has the unique responsibility of creating the newly elected PG Officer role description as this is the first year that NUSU has had a full time Officer in this position. The role description that passed at Council will be a draft and then updated as the year goes on.

Result 94% pass

The motion on Censure was next up. President, Katie Smyth, proposed the motion.  Katie stated that the motion looked complicated but actually resolved to make two changes. The first aimed to minimise the full time officers involvement in disciplinary matters and proposed to give responsibility to the Chair of Council in circumstances when the Chair of Scrutiny (who would usually lead any investigations) recuses themselves from an investigation or disciplinary. The second change was to introduce an Order of Censure and Disciplinary Censure to replace the Motion of Censure and Disciplinary Censure. The motion passed with a decent 90% for. This means that an Officer can still be given the censure and disciplinary censure punishment but it will not be heard at the very public council meeting but instead dealt with at Scrutiny/Disciplinary committee level.

Result 90% pass

The final motion proposed changes to the Housing Policy. Sara Elkhawad (Welfare) wanted to give students the freedom to give their details to housing providers at the annual Housing Fair and because this motion passed that will now be possible. Power to the people!

Result 92% pass

See all the motions that passed here

Come along to the next meeting on the 14th November, 5.15pm in the History Room and if you want to submit a motion, click here.


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