What happened at the last Student Council of 2018/19

Find out which motions passed at the last Student Council of the Year!

The final NUSU Student Council of the year did not pass off without some drama and was perhaps one of the more intense meetings this year. 

A formal motion of disciplinary censure was the first motion proposed. Formal motions can be submitted when an Officer is thought to be in breach of their duties or responsibilities. This is not a type of motion that is often proposed at Council, so it must be said that all of the attendees at Council approached the matter with professionalism and sensitivity. The motion did not pass and so the Officer did not recieve the disciplinary censure. 

On to the Constitutional motions, requiring a 2/3 majority vote.

 “NUSU Memberships” – This motion was proposed in order to provide clairty on what the benefits are of being a member of the Students' Union. The room agreed and passed this motion with a strong 98% Yes.

 "Paperless elections" – With environmental issues at the forefront for many, this motion called to stop the printing of election materials in the form of leaflets or posters. However, following concerns that having paperless elections would negatively impact voter turnout, and some suggesting that a reduction in paper would be a better way forward, this motion failed to pass.

 'Reforming the Order Paper and Substantive Stage of the Standing Orders' – The Chair Elect got the chance to sit on the throne when the current Chair Adam Warner proposed this motion. This motion passed with 79% approval, changing the current standing order 'Questions shall be taken in the order that speakers catch the Chairperson’s eye’ to 'When it comes to selecting who will speak on a motion, the Chair should aim to give priority to those who have yet to speak on a motion.’

 “Vacant PTO Position Elections” – Jonny Hall (NUSU Education Officer) took to the lectern to propose the motion that resolved that vacant Part-time Officer (PTO and from the start of 2019/20 Liberation Officers and Chairs) positions that are not elected in the Spring elections to be elected through the next sitting of Council, with the vote still being open to all student across the University. This motion passed with 94%.

 “Funding for R.O.N campaigns for NUSU elections” – Following on from a R.O.N campaign led by Grace Algar, this motion proposed to have funding and support made available to any student wishing to run a R.O.N campaign during elections. This motion fell as it failled to recieve a two-thirds majority. Therefore students will still be required to run R.O.N campaigns the way they have previously and independently of NUSU.

 “Merging Hall & Community Exec” – A positive outcome for Raff Marioni who proposed to merge Hall and Community Execs. With 98% in favour it is hoped that this new Executive Committee will help strengthen links between Hall & Community Reps, particularly when they are campaigning.

The one and only Ordinary Motion “Increase Undergraduate Involvement In Research” passed with a very impressive 100%.  James Prowse’s motion will mandate the Education Officer to increase public awareness of undergraduate research opportunities and to lobby the University for assistance and also resolved that the NUSU stance regarding research involvement for undergraduates should be that the system requires modernisation and greater student engagement.

Click here to see all the motions that passed.

The meeting ended with the hustings for the Commuting Students Election. You can see the result of this election here.

Finally, Council thanked the 2018/19 Chair of Council, Adam Warner, for all of his hard work over the year.

See you in October!



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