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Inclusive Sport Week

December 2019


What happened during the week?

We had over 1480 spaces to give students the chance to get involved with 4 inclusive sports that they might not have heard of, or played before. The key aim of the week to show that everyone is an athlete, sport is for everyone. This was targeted both at disabled and able-bodied students. We held non-stop sessions in all 4 sports throughout the entire week - with plenty of spaces for individuals or large groups to be able to take up a new inclusive sport for a bit of fun. There was also a quiet hour in the gym every day as well as the chance to play disability sports such as table cricket.

To finish the week we hosted a talk from the inspiring Clarke and Carrie Carlisle on Mental Health in its involvement in sport.


Why was it run?

Essentially, to celebrate the diversity of our student-athletes here at Newcastle and that show that sport is for everyone. We wanted to give students the chance to play disability sport, with casual sessions in Boccia, Goalball, Sitting Volleyball and Visually Impaired Cricket. All of these give the chance for both disabled and able-bodied students to play together. The key message was to "help us challenge perceptions of disability sport. Anyone is welcome to come along to our free sessions. Spread the word."


How are we being inclusive?

We take a proactive approach to welfare in sport and provides a number of initiatives to support our students and increase inclusivity. 

Working closely with our sports clubs, we provide training and support to Club Welfare Officers, encourage increased inclusivity through Pledge Cards and Earn Your Stripes, and pledge our support as an organisation to mental health in sport.  We are proud Associate members of the English Federation of Disability Sport


The Disability Sports Programe

Inclusive Newcastle includes programmes and initiatives aimed to increase engagement with sport, remove barriers and offer support to all students.  This includes our disability sports programme, designed to help students keep active, have some fun and enjoy healthy competition.  The choice is yours. Participate with one of our 66 sports clubs on campus, play weekly social sport in our participation programme, attend NCL Sports Centre gym or get involved with one of our community sports clubs.


How can you get a club involved in Inclusive Sport?

Getting involved is easy. We have a 'Earn Your Stripes' programme which accredits your club with a level of inclusivity. You can achieve bronze, silver and gold stripes. With this you must apply and be able to meet the criteria of providing inclusive opportunities. To supplment this, we will give you additional funding support to fulfil your inclusivity. We highly reccomend all clubs getting involved. Contact us with any questions:

Includive Sports Coordinator: