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Brief Description of Society Activities
Society promoting safe drug use across campus, providing information, directions to services for anyone in need.  We are trying to prevent accidents in any way we can and try and ensure people are doing things in safe, controlled environments, whilst being an approachable group who people can come to if they need support.

We believe that if young people are aware of the risks of drug use and still choose to take them, they should at least be fully educated on things such as dosing, excipients, interactions with other drugs (illegal, prescription, alcohol) and how these drugs actually affect the body.  We are proposing a society similar to the work already carried out nationally by The Loop to help prevent an incident like this from happening again at Newcastle University.

Proposed ideas:
- Provide a confidential service for students to engage in conversation about health, drug use and personal safety.

- Provide honest, fact-based unbiased information on drug effects and potential harm to empower users to make informed decisions

- Offer a nonjudgemental first point of contact for students in risky or challenging situations 

- Provide regular drug testing kits to identify dangerous batches/reduce risk to potential users

Contact Details

Sim Sembi - Co-President

Ali El-Rhalibi - Co-President

Chloe Rowe - Treasurer



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