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About us!

It Happens Here Newcastle is a multi-award winning society. We support and campaign for allies and survivors against sexual violence.

We hold the University and wider society to account to recognise gendered violence and the intersecting layers of misogyny and sexual violence. We unapologetically campaign for these issues and our voices to be heard. We recognise that sexual violence disproportionately affects those in marginalised groups. We provide the support that the university fails to provide for survivors. We advocate for a fully inclusive, intersectional, accessible and feminist approach in our work. We are determined to prevent sexual violence through education and we strive for policy reform.

We believe that each individual is entitled to an education at University free from sexual violence.

We believe you.

What we get up to!

We hold a variety of events for our members. These range from talks/discussions, peer-support groups, life drawing, cocktail nights, self-care socials, art workshops, self defence workshops, art gallery and cafe crawls, campaigns and our new Into Schools groups that teaches teenagers about spiking and sexual violence. We are very open to doing whatever our member would like to do!

Surviving in Solidarity: Peer-Support group

This are our peer-support group! Our specially trained peer-support facilitators host these sessions for our members. They are for students, run by students. 

The sessions aim to provide a safe space for survivors to come together to share and have a community. The sessions may include discussion around experiences relating to being a survivor, mindfulness specifically for survivors, learning coping skills and creating safety plans. The events may also include wind down activities such as colouring and casual chats. During sessions we will also seek to signpost those who find themselves needing specialist support to the appropriate services. We prompt the space but leave room for survivors to lead the conversation whenever they are comfortable, and promote being supportive of one another within that space. We hope that survivors will use this space to share and build community while taking care of their mental well-being.

Please note that these session are targeted towards women and those identifying as such, and are therefore not open to other genders. Our definition of women-only includes Trans women and non-binary people who identify that women’s services are right for them.

Additionally, these sessions are unfortunately only available for students of Newcastle University, this is for insurance reasons outside of our control.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Into Schools Team: Teaching teens about spiking, sexual violence + support!

Are you passionate about revitalising sex education? Are you interested in ensuring young people feel heard, respected and informed?

We are going to be runnings workshops for teenagers about Spiking with Into Schools!!! These students have asked to speak to people closer to their age about the recent spiking epidemic. We at It Happens Here are incredibly passionate about ending sexual and gender based violence and we believe that this fundamentally starts with education. Together, we will be devising a lesson plan that covers everything we would have liked to have known about spiking and the night time economy. Our focus will not place the burden of responsibility upon those underepresented folk most affected by these issues.

This is a fantastic opportunity to make a positive impact and to help support our local community! If you are interested in being a part of our fantastic team or if you have any questions, please get in touch!

You must also be a society member to take part. A DBS check will be required. 

We are so excited about this and can’t wait to get this going!! All ideas and people are welcome!

If you are a member, please message us to join our group chat!

#DoBetterNCLUni Campaign

Our campaign of the year, #DoBetterNCLUni aims to improve policies and procedures around sexual violence, as well as improving support services for students. We are launching a survey to collect data about individual’s experiences with sexual violence, spiking, and the University in order to make the university take proactive change to its services and policies.

We need your help to do this!

The first step is to fill out our survey and let us know your experiences! It is open to all students, staff and alumni. Please share this far and wide. Find the link below??

Some of our demands once the data is published will be:

  • Having a credit bearing, yearly compulsory module on consent, + sexual and gender based violence
  • Proactive and unilateral supportive wellbeing and signposting to the correct services
  • Tackling the way in which sexual misconduct complaints are taken
  • End use of NDAs in sexual violence and harassment allegations
  • Widely available information on what to do if you have been through an sexual violence/harassment
  • Ban staff / student relationships

We love our members to be involved with our campaigns so do get in touch if you want to help out! Please do also get in touch if you are affected by any of these issues. We are here to support you. 

See some news articles about our campaign so far!


Support Information:

Please find our support document below for information on: 

  • What Counts as Sexual Violence/Misconduct (pg1-2)
  • Realising You Have Been Assaulted in the Past (pg2)
  • You Think You’ve Been Assaulted (recently) (pg2-3)
  • Should I report My Sexual Assault? (pg3)
  • Report and Court (pg4-5)
  • Support In The University (pg5)
  • Support In The City (pg5-6)
  • Supporting Someone Who Has Been Assaulted (pg6-7)

This is the link for our support document. This is continually being updated. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need support or want some information about support services. 

Society Contact Details

President - Madeline Baugh
Email address:

Treasurer - Anya Dhaliwal 
Email address: 

Welfare Officer - Evie Cerrone
Email address:

**All our committee have received training from the University, Rape Crisis and the Angelou Centre in order to fulfill their supportive roles**

Facebook page:




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