19 Oct - 4 Nov

"Our Black History", a campaign ran by your Students' Union, is taking a collective look at Black History Month as a time to celebrate our Black community and our power to facilitate change. We hope to see you all at our Launch Party, as well as our events, workshops, and activities throughout the campaign.


Organised by the Students' Union


"It is safe to say that the past year and a half has been a time like no other. The last 18 months have held a mirror up to the world and forced many to realize the harsh reality of racism, from the disproportionate effect of Covid on Black people, the horrific murder of George Floyd to the lack of justice for Breonna Taylor in the US.  

Here in the UK, the scale and impact of racism has also been laid bare, with the 20,000 young Black men searched in London during the first lockdown and Black members of England football squad alienated from the country they represent. At the same time, #BlackLivesMatter has sparked commitment among many to educate themselves about Black History, heritage, and culture in order to understand racism and stand in solidarity against it. If that commitment is to transcend beyond social media posts and begin to inform real change, all communities must embrace Black History month as a starting point for educating, exploring, discovering and celebrating Black History.  

This year’s Black History Month is a crucial opportunity to reflect on our shared history as a University, a community, and a nation. It is a time to tell the whole story honestly and truthfully, to decolonise and reclaim our history, and to share stories from the perspectives of those people affected by it.  

As we emerge back into the world, Black History Month 2021 is also a time to look forward and celebrate the here and now – and the future possibilities. To me, the NUSU Our Black History month, encapsulates this." 

Briana Gordan
Welfare & Equality Officer

Events Calendar


Our Black History 2021 Find out your Blood Type on Campus
NHS Van, Kings Walk
Our Black History 2021 "Claiming Your Space" Launch Night w/ Honey Williams
Venue, Students Union Lvl -1
As part of the Our Black History Campaign, we are delighted to bring back “Claiming Your Space”, an art competition exploring the BAME experience.
Our Black History 2021 "Our Black History" Launch Party Night
Blue Stretch Tent, opposite Students' Union Building
Our Black History 2021 "Being Actively Anti-Racist" Video Launch
Online Digital Week
Our Black History 2021 October Book Club Discussion "The Purple" (Book Club Society)
Our Black History 2021 Black Coffee Meet in Luthers' Bar (w/ your Officers)
Luther's Bar, Students' Union
Our Black History 2021 BAME Blood Drive: Will you donate?
Meet at the Students' Union front entrance
Our Black History 2021 Decolonising NCL x BHM Panel Discussion
Blue Stretch Tent, Students' Union Building
Our Black History 2021 Forum: BAME Representation & Diversifying our Student Media
Daniel Wood Lounge, lvl +1 Students' Union
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Our Community

Whilst University is an exciting time, navigating academic spaces as a student of colour can sometimes be difficult too. This is why community is so important. Newcastle University is a vibrant community which you can become apart of.

  • Afro-Caribbean Society, International Society, & Racial Equality in Medicine are some of the student-ran societies we have on offer at the Students' Union. Joining a society is a great way to meet people, try new things and enjoy what Newcastle has to offer. At NUSU, we have a range of societies to suit whatever your interests might be.  
  • The BAME Union, run by your Liberation Officers, is an inclusive space celebrating everything Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic. The group also raises awareness of BAME issues, avenues for support, and opportunities in the community.   
  • The Angelou Center Young Women's Network aims to support and empower Black and Minoritized womxn with the skills and tools needed to navigate their way through life. 

Our community will always be a safe space for people of colour and there will always be avenues for support available to you should you wish.  

  • Newcastle University’s Wellbeing Service provides free and confidential support to students who may be struggling with life concerns that cause unmanageable emotional or psychological distress. They also have counselors of colour per request.   
  • The Student Advice Centre is your go-to advice service in the Students Union. Alongside mental health support, they offer a portfolio of helpful resources, as well as an appointment-based service in which you can chat to one of our trained advisers. 
  • Nightline is a confidential and anonymous listening and information service run by students for the benefit of students. Contact them any night of term to talk about how you’re feeling or request information about other services. 
  • Financial Support – Participation Bursaries. 
  • Stop Hate UK is one of the leading national organisations working to challenge all forms of Hate Crime and discrimination. They provide independent, confidential, and accessible reporting and support for victims, witnesses, and third parties. 
  • The Angelou Centre offers a range of holistic women-only* services for black and minoritised women across the North East. 

NUSU has a zero-tolerance policy with regard to harassment, discrimination and hate crime, and this absolutely includes racism. If you’ve experienced harassment because of your race or ethnicity, or witnessed a racist incident on campus, we want to know. Head to our to our Report and Support page for information on how to report and get support.

Report & Support

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Briana Gordhan
(Welfare & Equality Officer)