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You may have seen a lot about the luxury tax on tampons in the news. Newcastle University Feminist Society (among many others nationally) ran the campaign Free Periods to mandate our Students’ Union to provide free menstrual care for those who need it, and also to remove the tax on menstrual care in the Union shop. In March we achieved our goals and now, like many other unions and universities nationally, have #FreePeriods! We owe our success largely to the awareness raising we did on our first Period Period day on 18th February 2015.


Reasons to celebrate

Period Pride Day is a national celebration for organisations who have achieved #FreePeriods and are now giving free menstrual care to their students/employees, or have at least removed the tax in their shops.

It also serves as a big drive for organisations who have not yet achieved #FreePeriods as you can tie into the national day, putting motions through on this day and/or doing big awareness raising with the support of pressure from other organisations nationally!

Furthermore, we can work to dispel Period Shame and instil Period Pride because periods are not shameful!!!


How to celebrate

There are many ways to get involved in Period Pride Day.

  • Twitter storm of the hashtag #PeriodPrideDay at 4pm
  • Fundraising to create menstrual care packs for homeless people who have periods. Read info here.
  • Period Pride workshops (raising awareness of how to make your own reusable menstrual care products, mooncups, why periods are not shameful, and how to ensure you aren’t cisnormative when talking about periods)
  • Flyering / posters
  • All sending in a clip about how/why you’re celebrating to make a montage video like this one.
  • A big drive on signing petitions such as this one 


In 2016 NUS Women’s Officer Susuana Amoah launched a #FreePeriods toolkit on the day to help Unions and FemSocs campaign!

So get involved! Have more ideas about how to celebrate please contact us!

Send in photos of how you celebrate to have your organisation featured on the website.