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We know that everyone has mental health, and that everyone experiences different levels of mental wellness and ill health at different points in their lives.

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The Postgrad Mental Health campaign focuses on the unique experiences of postgraduate students and how mental health impacts our postgraduates wellbeing. The specific challenges of postgraduate study aren’t always recognised, so this campaign aims to raise awareness of these challenges and provide space for postgraduates to engage with supportive resources, practical workshops and opportunities for dialogue and finding your community. We hope to provide students with some helpful tools for improving their mental wellbeing, alongside practical advice for the wider issues that contribute to wellbeing and stress and signposting to support services that all postgraduates can access if they want more help.

I see the campaign as a stepping stone in the larger mission of fundamentally changing the postgraduate student experience to facilitate better mental health and wellbeing for all students. Hopefully the activities and resource booklet on offer can give guidance and practical tools to maintain mental wellness for all postgraduate students, whether taught or research, part-time, full-time, and from any marginalised background. This is a passion project, something I care hugely about, and I have worked hard to collaborate with staff and student networks and groups to co-ordinate a campaign that is useful, caring and reminds everyone that you are not alone in your struggles; there is always support available, and other people feeling the same as you. I hope the Postgrad Mental Health campaign helps – get involved with the events, reach out to the support services you need and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need further support.


Charlotte Boulton
Postgraduate Officer 2020-21





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Upcoming Events

Quayside self-walking tour
19th January 9am - 31st January 5pm
Newcastle city centre
Give it a Go and enjoy some fun facts as you walk along our suggested route along the beautiful Quayside!
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Virtual Book Swap
25th January 6pm - 7pm
zoom online
Give it a Go and join us for a virtual book swap event!
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Imposter Syndrome - A Chat Evening for PGRs by PGRs
26th January 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Online - via Zoom
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Postgrad Mental Health Panel
27th January 5pm - 7pm
PG Recommended
Mindfulness Session with Michael Atkinson
28th January 11am - noon
Online - via Zoom
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French Cafe
28th January 7pm - 7:45pm
zoom online
Give it a Go and join us for our French Cafe virtual social! Learn some French and enjoy un café et une pâtisserie from the comfort of your own home!
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Film Club
29th January 7pm - 9pm
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Give it a Go and join us for a cosy night in with out film night social!
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