Safe Drinking

University life if often perceived as a time in your life where you go out a lot and consumer a fair share of trebles, especially in Newcastle! In fact, this is not the case. More and more students are drinking less than ever before, and wanting more student experiences to enhance their academic interests (i.e. volunteering opportunities, alternative activities).

It is likely though that you will indulge in a few big nights, especially in your first year whereby you may not have as many contact hours. It is important to remain safe, especially in a strange city and look out for your friends. ‘Going Out’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘Getting Drunk’.

  • It is okay to not drink, and is highly recommended on nights out to replace drinks with soft drinks throughout your night.
  • Newcastle University offer so much more for you to gain new experiences. Have a look at our give it a go programme. Member of society committees? How about joining up with Give it a go for alternative social ideas?
  • Eat proper meals before you drink! If you are pre-drinking, be sensible and note they will not let you into clubs when you arrive!
  • Understand your limits
  • If you see your friend has peaked, advise them and assist them home. If you offer this to your friends, they will return this service. There is nothing better than having your friends looking out for you!
  • Watch your drink! Never leave you drink unattended to prevent spiking!
  • Make sure you have friends to go home with, and that you use a reliable taxi firm
  • If you are arrested, including a drunk and disorderly charge, then you will be disciplined by the University. Not only could this have a detrimental influence on your degree, it may create barriers in future careers (especially important if you are a medic or law student).

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