Student Chair & Secretary


Student Chair

What are Student Chairs?

A Student Chair is a student volunteer who leads University level Student-Staff Liaison Committees (NU-SIT SSLC). By having a Student Chair, it should help all members of the SSLC feel comfortable raising issues and that the academic interests of students are represented at the meetings.

The Student Chair is elected by the SSLC members. He / She leads NU-SIT SSLC, with the course reps as members. The Student Chair and Course Reps are offered training by NUSU to help them complete their roles effectively.

All Student Chair and Secretary will be member of the Joint Programmes Operations Committee (JPOC) respectively.


Student Secretaries

What are Student Secretaries?

Student Secretaries are elected from and by Course Reps from their SSLC to provide administrative and logistical support to the committee and is volunteer role. Where-as the Student Chair is a mandatory role, the Student Secretary is optional, and will only be filled if someone puts their name forward for the role. If no-one does, then a member of staff will take over the role.

All Student Secretaries are offered training by NUSU to help them complete their roles effectively.

The minutes of the SSLC will be a standing item to the JPOC agenda and regular reports from the JPOC back to SSLC will be required to ensure students are fully aware of the action undertaken to address any issues raised.

How are Student Chairs & Secretaries elected?

The SSLC Student Chair and Secretary role is usually elected by the student members of the SSLC at either the last meeting of the previous academic year or the first meeting of the new academic year.


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