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School Reps

What is a School Rep?

The School Rep is a key academic student representative at Newcastle University in Singapore. The role is based around attending and representing the views of your School’s students at the senior faculty meeting for the student experience. You also get to work closely with your Head of Academic Operations, as well as other School Reps from across the University. On average the role takes less than one hour a week.

The School Rep also plays a crucial role in helping the Students’ Union, and in particular the Education Officer, with their commitment to support and represent students’ academic interests. Plus you would be given opportunities to develop your own skills & knowledge.

In Newcastle University in Singapore, there will be one nominated Taught School Rep – from the joint programmes; who will be a member of the NU SAgE Faculty Education Committee (FEC).

In the meantime, in NewRIIS (Newcastle Research and Innovation Institute), there will be also one nominated Postgraduate Research Student (PGR) that will attend to PGR needs in NewRIIS centre. For 2018/19 the Postgraduate Research School Rep is Aloysia Han.

Course Reps

What are Course Reps?

Course Reps are students who have been elected to represent the academic interests of the students on their course or programme. It is a voluntary role that can make a huge difference to your University experience as they provide an official link between students and staff. They attend Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) meetings at both programme Level and University level where they pass on your views to the staff and hopefully help find solutions to the issues that have arisen. Then after the meetings they should keep you informed of the changes decided upon and any important University issues or information that has come up that is relevant to you and your course.

Every single student at Newcastle University in Singapore and across Newcastle University should have a Course Rep and you should be aware who your Course Rep is. They are trained and supported by NUSU and are there for you; so make sure you utilise them!

How are Course Reps elected?

On most courses Course Reps will be elected to the role at the start of the academic year. If you are interested in becoming a Course Rep, the best thing to do is to let Newcastle University in Singapore NUIS staff or an existing Course Rep know early in the academic year and ask what the election or recruitment process is. If you become a rep you will be contacted about the training provided by the Students' Union so you will be ready and prepared for your first SSLC meeting.

In NUIS the Course Rep will be appointed for each of the programmes to forms its own Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC).

Is the election a big deal?

NO. Course Rep elections are limited to individual courses so they are naturally a low key affair, they will usually take place by email or in a lecture. It may be that all volunteers can have places as Course Reps on the Student-Staff Committee, in which case you won't have to take part in an election at all. However, it is important that all students on your course know who their reps are so make sure your details are made available to everyone.

SIT – NU Student –Staff Liaison Committee

The Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) is the main aspects of the Student Management Committee. Each programme will establish a SSLC. One will be established to cover the three marine related programmes in NUIS.

The SSLC should ideally comprise 2 Course Rep per Year (Stage). This is to enable full representation of the full cohort of students. It is recommended that the Year 3 Course Rep shall service as Chair and Secretary of each SSLC.

A named Staff Facilitator will be appointed by the Head of Academic Operations and the SIT Associate Provost (Students) to represent Staff in SMC.

A member of Academic Staff; as appropriate from relevant programmes from SIT and NUIS will also be appointed to be a team player in SMC. The representatives from SIT Careers Service and SIT Student Life will join the SMC meeting in regards of pending agenda.

What they do

The main purpose of Student Management Committee is to consider any business relating to the students learning experience; including matters raised by Student Rep and matters on which the academic unit wishes to seek student views including;

  • teaching, learning and assessment (including feedback on assessed work)
  • student support and guidance (academic and pastoral)
  • career development (graduate skills & employability)
  • teaching and learning resources (e.g. IT, teaching space/estates)
  • the development of new programmes and review of existing Modules and programmes
  • (e.g. Learning and Teaching Review)
  • accreditation by professional, statutory and regulatory bodies
  • issues arising from student surveys and other feedback mechanisms
  • any matters referred to the SSLC by the Joint Programmes Operations Committee

Moreover the SMC also acts to receive, for information, relevant external examiner reports from or to the Joint Programmes Operations Committee.

Student Chair & Secretary