Student Campaigns


What we're currently campaigning on

At NUSU we run a great variety of Campaigns which aim to make a difference to your student experience - some are led by us and supported by students, some are completely student-led.

Whether we are campaigning to change policy, procedures, attitudes or ideas, we want to make sure we are fighting for you. Campainging is at the heart of your Students' Union.

View what campaigns are running right now. 

What are our Campaign Priorities?

We've identified our key campaign priorities for 2020/21, based on your feedback - which you can see below.

These are the areas where we hope to make a difference for you, whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student.

Click, or hover on each of the different Campaign Priorities to see how we are campaigning on each priority. 

Want to run your own Campaign?

Got a great idea for a campaign? We really encourage students getting involved and taking part in campaigning. Because of this we have created the Campaign Fund where you can get support and funding to start your own campaign with NUSU. 

You can also head to our Campaigns Toolkit for advice and guidance on how to campaign effectively and get the most from our support.