Campaign Priorities


Academic Interests


Your academic experience is one of the key reasons why you came to University in the first place, and at NUSU we want to make sure we represent your academic interests during your time studying here.

This year we will be campaigning to improve the quality of your teaching and your facilities across campus and on all different courses.

We will be looking to increase ReCap usage and technology-enhanced learning across campus. We will also help develop the feedback you receive and the opportunities you have to have your voice heard on your academic experience.

  • Each year we run The Education Awards, recognising amazing members of staff and highlighting excellent teaching and support.
  • Our Academic Rep system means that your voice is represented at every level of decision making at the University.
  • We have made a number of significant changes to your academic experience and these are highlighted in our Big Academic Wins section.
  • In 2016 we produced our ReCap report which encouraged more academics to use ReCap.
  • In 2019 we produced our Right to ReCap posters that de-mystified some of the myths surrounding ReCap.

Current Campaigns:

  • Coming Soon – Rep Awareness Week (17-21 February 2020)

Previous Campaigns



Mental Health & Wellbeing


We know how important your Mental Health and Wellbeing is during your time at University. Therefore, this year we will be campaigning to create opportunities to improve your mindfulness and positivity.

We will make sure that you are aware of the services that are there to support you and the opportunities to socialise and feel that sense of belonging while you study at the University.

We will also be focusing on creating opportunities to develop your sexual and physical health, including learning about nutrition.

  • We support Nightline: a confidential and anonymous support service run by students for the benefit of students.
  • We have dedicated Mental Health and Wellbeing pages on our website.
  • We have listed a wide range of support services on and off campus for your health and personal safety.
  • The Friday schedule of the University’s World Mental Health Week is hosted by Go Volunteer.

Current Campaigns:



Equality, Diversity & Inclusion


Throughout 2019/20, NUSU will be campaigning to improve Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. We will be supporting and raising awareness of the issues affecting marginalised student groups on campus.

We will have a particular focus on improving the two-way integration of international students and we will be working with the University to create a more accessible campus. We started off this year with our first Equality, Diversity & Inclusion campaign called 'Black is Gold', also known as Black History Month. This was be co-ordinated by our Welfare & Equality Officer.

Current Campaigns:

  • Coming Soon – Proud 2 Be (24-28 February 2020)
  • Coming Soon - This HAS to Happen (2-8 March 2020)



Student Safety


If you are on campus or out in the City, we will be campaigning to keep you safe. We think that it is both imperative that you feel safe and are safe when you are treating Newcastle as home. 

Whether it is the effects of Drug and Alcohol or the impact of sexual harassment and violence, domestic violence or hate crimes, we want to make sure that we are tackling the issues and that you know where the support is available should you ever need it.

So that you all feel safer during your time at Newcastle University.

  • We have launched a Domestic Abuse Awareness Champion scheme where students can act as a listening ear for individuals experiencing Domestic Abuse and signpost and advise individuals to relevant services and support.
  • If you have experienced or witnessed Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, Hate Crime, Discrimination or Bullying we have setup our Report and Support system.
  • We run a Safe Taxi Scheme, so if you are on a night out and have no access to money, you can still get home safe.
  • We have listed a wide range of support services on and off campus for your health and personal safety.

Current Campaigns:

  • Coming Soon



Financial Support


During your time at Newcastle University, we want to support you to keep your finances in order.

We will make your degree more affordable by campaigning to remove hidden and additional course costs, while finding you discounts, money-saving tips and promoting our student perks scheme.

We will also campaign to reduce student poverty and we will signpost you to the services that can support you should you get into financial difficulty.

Current Campaigns:

  • Coming Soon - Spend Healthy, Be Healthy - National Student Money Week (3-7 February 2020)

Previous Campaigns



Personal Development


University isn’t always just about your studies; it is also a great opportunity to develop as a person and really grow from your experiences.

Therefore, this year at NUSU we will be campaigning to improve your opportunities to develop your skills, network effectively and earn while you learn so that you are prepared and ‘career ready’ for when you leave the University.

We also want to empower you during your time at Newcastle, providing with the volunteering opportunities to make a difference both on campus and out in the local community. Take a look below at what opportunities we have on offer to support this agenda and what campaigns we run throughout the year.

  • Go Volunteer will help you find the perfect volunteering opportunity.
  • We support the Career Development Module.
  • You can gain accreditation and push yourself further through NCL+.
  • We are producing online training to give you a practical understanding and application of a range of graduate level skills.

Current Campaigns:

  • Coming Soon – Student Volunteering Week 2020 (10-16 February 2020)

Previous Campaigns



Living in Newcastle


Whether you live in halls, a student house or with your family, we want to improve your living experience in Newcastle or the surrounding area.

If you live in halls, we will be campaigning to make your experience the best it can be.  If you are moving into student housing we well help you to make an informed decision and then support you during your tenancy.

Then, during your living experience, we will work with you and local residents’ groups to create a sense of community cohesion between you and your neighbours.





To support the Environment and to help tackle the climate emergency, this year at NUSU we will be working on national environment initiatives to show an active desire to become a more environmental campus and to spread awareness of current environmental issues.

We will be teaming up with other Students’ Unions and working hard here in Newcastle, both across the city and here on campus to support you to reduce waste, change habits and improve ethical behaviour.

Take a look below at what campaigns we run and how we support this initiative. 

Current Campaigns:

  • Coming Soon – F.U.C.C. (31 January 2020)

Previous Campaigns