Sarah Craggs
Welfare & Equality Officer

Hi! My name is Sarah Craggs, your Welfare and Equality Officer for 2017/18! My primary role involves running liberating and informative campaigns to represent wellbeing interests of all students; from mental health awareness, to housing and financial advice.

As well as running regular campaigns, I work by an open-door policy, inviting any students to come in regarding any issues, or just for a friendly chat! Please do not hesitate to send me a message via E-mail, Facebook, or drop in!

We offer a sympathetic listening ear, information, advice, assistance and representation on a wide range of issues. including academic, disciplinary, finance, accommodation, legal information, personal/family, consumer and employment.
We are committed to campaigning to improve Newcastle as a university and as a city for our students. We have a proud history of championing great causes and have influenced real change for you, the students. Check out our handy Campaigns Resources, including quick tips and contacts to get your campaign up and running in our resources section. If you have an idea for a campaign you want to run please complete the form linked below.
Nightline has been listening, providing emotional support and information to students, every night during term time, 8pm-8am. We are student-run and on the other end of the phone when there is no-one else you can talk to.

What's Happening

What did you think of Food for Fuel Week?

Feedback from attendees was great!

Carers Rights Day

24th November is Carer Rights Day

What happened during Drug and Alcohol Week?

What happened during Drug and Alcohol Week?

Campaigns Fund

Funding available for all students!