Welfare & Support

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We have a long list of services, resources, and support available to you. From our Student Advice Centre, to resources for students who identify as being part of a marginalised group, we hope you find our support network helpful.



Common FAQs

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Coming Soon

New to the Students' Union, the Welfare & Support Centre is currently being re-modelled into the entry level of the Students' Union. You can find us to the left of the current reception area (through to main front doors of the Students' Union building on campus).

Welfare Resources

We are here to support you.

Student support & welfare is always a top priority for us. Below you can find the ways in which you can access support, resources, & key student safety services that we have available for students - including Nightline & Report and Support.

Report & Support Nightline Harm Reduction (Drugs) Alcohol Hate Crime Sexual Health Mental Health


Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

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Here at you Students' Union, we want to ensure that we're widening participation and fighting for equal opportunities. Below you can find the ways we are supporting equality, diversity, & inclusion.

Inclusive Buddies Participation Bursaries Trans Fund Marginalised Groups


Living in Newcastle

We are here to support you.

From noise complaints to bin days, explore all of our resources to help you settle into your community. As well as this, you can find like-minded students to find housing with.

Student Advice Centre SafeZone App Guarantor Scheme Find a Housemate Rooms to Rent Know your Rights