Campaigns Resources

Across the year we will be running a number of key campaigns which we want you to be involved in. We also want to support you if you want to run your own campaign, and have some exciting ways of doing that for the 2017-18 academic year.

Campaigns Fund 

NUSU has a campaigns fund which any student can apply for. We want all students to be able to campaign on the issues that matter to them, but we know that finances can sometimes put a halt to any ideas you may have.

For Semester 1 of the 2015-16 Academic year, we have a total of £750 that you can bid for, from which we will give out up to £300 for each successful campaign bid.

Below is the application form. We have included a lot of questions to ensure that you have considered all areas of your campaign before applying. Not all questions are compulsory to fill in, but the more detailed your application is, the more chance you will have of creating a successful bid.

Please ensure you have filled in at least all of the compulsory sections and submitted the form by one of the Semester 3 deadlines: May 8th

We invite applications for student-led campaigns, however priority will be given to bids which meet the following criteria:

  • Campaigns which have the potential to create a big impact for Newcastle students
  • Campaigns which relate to topical student issues on campus
  • Campaigns which have been strongly planned and well thought out
  • Campaign Contacts (Send completed applications here)

Campaigns Fund Application

Campaigns Fund: Help in Applying