Campaigns Support

In addition to funding, we also offer a wide range of support to help you get the most out of your campaign ideas including:

  • Funding and financial information
  • Effective campaigning guidance
  • Marketing materials production
  • NUSU Staff and Officer contacts
  • Health and Safety Information
  • Volunteer recruitment and training
  • Room bookings
  • External stakeholder information
  • Historic campaigns information
  • Booking refreshments
  • Submitting motions to council

For help with any of the above, please contact Kay, our Campaigns and Democracy Co-ordinator:

Campaigns We’ve Previously Supported

Over the years the Campaigns Fund has supported a number of campaigns. Here’s just a few examples of the campaigns we have supported:

  • Free Periods The grass roots campaign now known as Period Pride. Newcastle University students (among many others nationally) ran the Free Periods campaign to mandate the Students’ Union to provide free menstrual care for those who need it, and also to remove the tax on menstrual care in the Students’ Union shop. Their goals were achieved and now, like many other unions and universities nationally, have #FreePeriods! The success was largely owed to the awareness raised on the first Period Pride day, 18th February 2015, with funds allocated from the NUSU Campaigns fund.
  • Go Green  A week dedicated to sustainability in all its possible forms with the hope of raising awareness and encouraging students to become more sustainable on campus and the wider community. Go Green were allocated funds to help buy marketing materials and refreshments for students attending their events.
  • Support Network - Creative expression of lived experiences. A new campaign created in 2017 focussing on women and the support given to those recovering from terminations and who have experienced sexual or domestic abuse. More broadly, a space to share, support and start conversations about the issues faced by women. The Campaigns Fund helped with art work and the promotion of the campaign.
  • I need your knickers/#ThisIsNotConsent A campaign run in 2019 by members of the 'It Happens Here' society asked for students to donate underwear from all genders to be used as bunting that was hung up outside the Students' Union during sexual abuse and sexual violence week. The campaign reached over 100 thousand people on Facebook and was covered by several media outlets including the BBC.