S.H.A.G Week

Making students aware of sexual health issues and providing a comfortable environment to do so...


S.H.A.G (Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance) Week is back by popular demand. In the past few years, students voted this as the number one most effective campaign.  Sex, relationships and body hang-ups are important issues for all our students in some shape or form. Last year, we had S.H.A.G days, this year we decided to bring back S.H.A.G Week!

We give out free contraception in the SHAG bags handed out around campus and offer students the chance to take free Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea tests. This is shows that the union is responsibly reacting to real issues that affect a vast majority of students. This year, the Welfare Officer and New Croft Sexual Health Service are running a STI testing competition during S.H.A.G Week for all members of clubs and societies. The highest percentage of members tested over the 3 days (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 11-4pm) will win cash prizes of: £100 for 1st place, £75 for 2nd and £50 for 3rd. There will also be a spotlight prize of £20 of Eldon Square Vouchers for any Newcastle University student.

Along with this, the week encompasses a diverse range of activities and advice around the topic of sex and sexual attitudes including STI’s, contraception, sexualities, relationships and consent. S.H.A.G week is not just for the sexually active, it’s also for students with opinions on culture, those who want to prepare themselves for when they are ready to have sex and those who want to learn about personal health more generally.

Sex is something everyone is going to experience at some point in their lives. Putting the subject in a deep dark corner out of reach and out of sight will only increase unwanted pregnancies, STD’s and makes people think they have something to be ashamed or embarrassed about instead of seeking advice and support. So don’t shy away… let’s talk about sex!

Throughout the week, if you have any questions you’d like to ask about sexual health go to http://www.sexpressionnewcastle.com/ and Sexpression will answer it for you.



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