Inclusive Buddies

You may have come across our page and thought to yourself what even are Inclusive Buddies? Maybe you've heard a bit about us and come to find out more? Let us start from the beginning. We are a team of six diverse and enthusiastic Newcastle University Students whose sole purpose is to help you integrate into the community here, and ensure that nothing makes you feel alienated.

We’re here to help everyone feel welcome, whether your experiencing issues as a BAME individual, as someone from a low-income household, estranged students - or anyone who needs support and advice. Whether it be culture, finance, mental health or you simply need a chat, feel free to message us anytime! 

Throughout this year we hope to share our experiences and advice via UniBuddy - posting blogs and answering questions, through social media channels, and here, on this very page! We’ll also be engaging in a variety of campaigns to help Newcastle become your home away from home. 

*The Office for Students, which acts as the regulator for Higher Education within England has published a list of students that it considers underrepresented groups. This can be found here – Underrepresented Students 

If you are not sure where to go and need further support, then please get in touch with Rohit Sharma (EDI Coordinator) at 

The Inclusive Buddies project is student-led so we want to hear from YOU about the type of activates and support would be of benefit. Below are some potential strands that could form part of the programme. 

If you have any ideas or would like to be a volunteer ambassador please contact us on 

  1. Events & Campaigns 
    As ambassadors, you can develop events and campaigns promoting issues that are important to you and promote social equality and inclusion. This could be specific to Newcastle University or part of wider campaigns. 

  2. Sharing experiences to create change 
    By sharing your experience on areas such as learning & teaching practises, wellbeing and support services, any gaps related to progression to employment/further study etc. we can explore ways to improve the student experience. 

Start a Conversation

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Talk to Owen

I’m Owen and I hope other low-income students who relate to my experiences feel comfortable contacting me. Discussing financial struggle at uni is a bit of a taboo, especially when it links to privilege and upbringing. I want low-income students to feel seen and valued, for their struggles to be recognised and their achievements to be celebrated. Ask me about working-class struggles, budgeting, being LGBTQ+, jobs at uni, society involvement, and anything else!


Talk to Bri

Hi I’m Bri and I’m a 3rd year Film Practices student here at Newcastle Uni. As amazing as University is, it can be an overwhelming experience - especially if your heritage is from overseas! Originating from both a low-income household and another country, I can understand that struggle and hope to make the university a more inclusive space for all cultures.


Talk to Afope

Have you ever thought, ‘What am I even doing here?’ Well, if you’ve been there, I understand and honestly, I go there a few times. My name is Afope (aka Afopefoluwa - I had to add the ‘oluwa’ for my African brethren). I am available if you have anything you want to talk about #youaretheonlyyou.


Talk to Olivia

Hi my name is Olivia and I am a 4th year Modern Languages BA student from Liverpool. As an Inclusive buddy who comes from a low-income household, I hope to use and share my experiences from the past three years to help others coming from a similar background to settle into university life.


Talk to Shalayna

I’m Shalayna, another one of the Inclusive Buddies here. My areas of expertise lie in the South-Asian category of underrepresented students, but I can also help out if you need some advice sorting out your finances this coming year - as I know what it feels like when you’re running low on funds. I’m also always up for a good natter so feel free to reach out whenever!


Talk to Layo

Hi I am Layo, and I am passionate about making the university experience as inclusive and accessible for students from underrepresented backgrounds.