It Happens Here’ is NUSU’s accessible online disclosure system for Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, Hate Crime, Discrimination and Bullying. It is also supported by NUSU’s ‘It Happens Here’ student led society which aims to raise awareness of Sexual Violence on the University campus



Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, Discrimination and Bullying:

If you wish to report, disclose, or would like support following, an incident of Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, Hate Crime, Discrimination or Bullying, you can find out more information in the links below.


If you are a Newcastle University student or applicant and have experienced or witnessed Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, Hate Crime, Discrimination or Bullying, perpetrated by a student, staff member or member of the general public, you can disclose/report via the ‘It Happens Here’ disclosure/report form.

When submitting the ‘It Happens Here’ disclosure/report form, you have two options:

  • The first option is to disclose to NUSU’s independent Student Advice Centre (SAC) anonymously.
  • The second option is to request an appointment with the SAC.

If you choose the second option and would like support from the SAC, you will be asked to provide details so that the SAC can contact you to arrange an appointment.

You may also/prefer to report to the Police. If you choose to report to the Police, please note: the Police are duty bound to record and investigate complaints of criminal activity and it will greatly assist the Police if you could provide as much detail as possible. If you would wish to stay anonymous when you report, please do via Crimestoppers.

Submissions are anonymous, however the discloser’s details may be uncovered in exceptional circumstances where there is a safeguarding risk to themselves or others.


'It Happens Here' Society

'It Happens Here' Society aims to raise awareness of sexual violence on campus. If you wish to contact the society regarding internal/external support services or campaigning on the issue then please feel free to contact them directly.

Alternatively you can view the ‘It Happens Here’ society Facebook page