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LOVE Newcastle

LOVE Newcaslte is the go-to place for navigating life in Newcasltle - from bin collection to getting to know the area. Choose what you are looking for:


Guide to Newcastle

Maps & Guides

Whether its shopping, entertainment or just some sight-seeing, Newcastle has something for everyone! It is always handy to have a map with you when you’re visiting somewhere new. Find your way around with NewcastleGateshead's series of official maps and guides, available for you to download with ease. Find out how to get around Newcastle, Gateshead, and the wider Tyne and Wear region using their regional map of Tyne and Wear which is the ultimate map you'll need no matter whether you’re walking, cycling, traveling by bus or using the extensive Metro system.

Explore Newcastle

Download your copy here.

Newcastle Culture

Why not have a look at what’s on in and around Newcastle for something to do whatever the weather. Check out 'Get Into Newcastle' for a roundup of Newcastle club nights, gigs, exhibitions, films, and more. They also have all the information you need to make the most of Newcastle events.

What's Going On?

Grainger Market: Shop Local

Who doesn’t like old indoor markets? Check out our very own Grainger Market in the heart of Newcastle! The range of independent businesses lining those walkways sells just about everything you can think of - from fresh fruit, veg & meat, to watch repairs.

Shop Local

Living in Newcastle

Registering to Vote

Make sure you are registered to vote in Newcastle. Who knows when the next general election will be called... Students are able to register to vote at both their home and term-time addresses. If your home and uni address are in two different local authority areas, you can vote in local elections at both. Your vote matters, don't lose it. You can register to vote here

Finding a GP

It's very important that you register with a GP practice in Newcastle as soon as possible, if you're coming to live and study here. Once registered your new GP practice can get hold of your medical history as soon as possible, send information to you on relevant health issues, pick up on any ongoing medical problems, and sort out any prescriptions you will need to request. As well as this, and probably most importantly, it will be the place you know to go to when you're ill, and the place they know about you!

Search for GP

Clean Community

Newcastle City Council's Envirocall Service is your single point of contact for the environmental issues and information in Newcastle. Issues covered include:

Refuse collection and bulky rubbish collection, Fly-tipping, Litter and street cleaning, Grafitti, Grass and shrub maintainance, Pest control, Recycling information, Roads and footpath repairs, Street lighting, Noise nuisance, and Gritting and snow clearance

EnviroCall Services

Bins: Collection & Safety

Please only put your bin out the night before the collection and take it back in as soon as possible. There are a number of issues associated with wheelie bins that are permanently left out:

  • Thieves may gain access to houses by climbing via wheeled bins;
  • They may obstruct access for pedestrians, emergency and other vehicles;
  • They may be misused by other residents or tipped over and spilled contents attract vermin;
  • They contain materials which can easily be set alight
  • They may be stolen or damaged

What is my bin collection date? You can find out your bin collection dates online by entering your house number and postcode through Newcastle City Council Website. Check Your Collection Date

Not enough bins? Need bigger bins? If you do not have a green bin (general household waste), blue bin (for recycle items) or a black glass caddy in your blue bin; if you have six or more people in your household you are entitled to a larger green refuse bin, you can report this to Envirocall.

Know Your Rights: Noise & Anti-social Behaviour

Students are residents too. As a resident you may find yourself in the position where you might have a received a noise or anti-social behaviour complaint, or that you may want to make a complaint about someone else. This guide will help you through what to do and how the University can support on this.

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Shelter helps millions of people every year through their advice, support and legal services. Their free service includes Face-to-face advice, a free National helpline, online advice, and legal support.

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Newcastle Private Rented Service

Tenant services - a full property finding service, including Housing advice, lists of properties available to rent, a Rent Deposit scheme, tenancy support and assistance, Benefit and debt advice.

Landlord services - a package of lettings services, including property advertising scheme, free referencing checking, a sign-up service, and free tenancies agreements and notices.

Telephone: 0191 277 14 38


Make Change in your Community

Join the Student Life Exec (NUSU)

NUSU want to support students in having bigger presence in the local community.One of the ways that we are trying to do this is through the Student Life Exec. If you would like to hear more or get involved please. If you would like to get involved, contact us here.

Newcastle City Council

Newcastle is an amazing place to study and live. There are many ways to get involved in local government as a resident. Check out their site here.

The Ward Committee: made up of the three Councillors elected in a 'ward'. Each Ward Committee hold four Committee Meetings (called 'Get Together') each year. The Get Together is an opportunity to meet local Councillors, share views about your neighborhood and make decisions about where you live. Everyone is welcome to attend the Ward Get Together. Find Out More

What 'ward' am I in? Find out which ward you live in by entering your post code using the link below. Once you have done this, click on your ward name and discover more about the community: transportation, library, leisure facilities etc.

Find Your Ward

Who represents me? You can find out who your 3 ward councillors are by following this link.

Other ways to get involved...

You don't have to be part of the community group or attend meetings to get your voice heard. There are many other ways in which you can give your views and participate in your local area.

Find Out More

Leaving Newcastle

Leave Newcastle Happy

Leave Newcastle Happy is one of NUSU’s strongest environmental campaigns, growing each year and creating a positive relationship between students, NUSU, Newcastle University, Newcastle City Council and many local residents. In 2018 a massive 17,911 bags were collected with a value of £250,754 and diverted 143 tonnes from landfill.

Cancelled for 2020: We were planning to launch the 2019-20 campaign in May but of course the world has changed and the support we can now offer to students moving out of their private houses and flats has also changed. Because we will be limited in working out in the community safely we are focussing our efforts in a different way for 2020. We will be back in the new year.