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BAME Student Resources


With a huge variety of intercultural societies and regular campaigns such as our Black History Month celebrations, we love to embrace diversity on campus, but we’re always striving to do better. We know that students from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds (or BAME, for short) can face additional challenges alongside the regular stresses of Uni life. Here at NUSU we’re happy to help or signpost to the correct services.


BAME Officer

NUSU wants every part of the student community to be represented and have their voice heard. That’s why we hold yearly elections to find a dedicated team of student officers, including a representative for the BAME student body. If you encounter an issue related to your race or ethnicity, need advice or just want to talk to a friendly face, you can contact NUSU’s Racial Equality Officer.

Fancy getting dressed up for the South Asian society’s Diwali ball? Or trying out dance club with the Afro-Caribbean society? NUSU has a huge variety of cultural societies. Check out our societies A-Z to get involved.

View your BAME Officer


NUSU has a zero-tolerance policy with regard to harassment, discrimination and hate crime, and this absolutely includes racism. If you’ve experienced harassment because of your race or ethnicity, or witnessed a racist incident on campus, we want to know. Head to our to our Report and Support page for information on how to report and get support.



If you encounter an issue related to your race or ethnicity in your academic life, the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team exists to tackle discrimination and create an inclusive culture throughout all faculties of the University. Find out about the University commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion here.

When joining clubs in the Athletic Union, keep an eye out for our ‘Earn Your Stripes’ Inclusivity badges. Clubs which display this badge have actively worked to include underrepresented members, participated in positive campaigns, and appointed a welfare officer on committee.


Dealing with Discrimination

Stand Up to Racism – a national organisation that raises awareness and organises marches against racism in UK. There is a society at Newcastle University that acts as a branch to the organisation – find out more here -

Show Racism the Red Card – this is an educational charity that utilises high profile footballers in England and Wales to take a stand against racism. The organisation has brought together a large list of resources to support and educate against racism that you can find here -

Intersectional Identities- Here at NUSU we understand that discrimination and struggles can’t always be fit into one category, and often there will be overlapping identities for students. Here are a few organisations that hopefully cater to the needs of intersecting identities.

The Angelou Centre - The Angelou Centre is a black-led women’s centre based in the Newcastle upon Tyne. [They] offer a range of holistic women only services for Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) women across the North East region.

Being both BAME and LGBT+ can often be alienating and difficult. The LGBT+ Charity Stonewall offers a Role Model Programme in which both being LGBT+ and BAME is celebrated and supported. Find out more here -


Newcastle Food Resources

Malaysian Food – The President of the Malaysian Society at Newcastle University really loves these places – ‘Chili Padi’ and ‘Amaysia’ both based in Newcastle City Centre. Make sure to check them out!

Every week at the Sunday Markets, there is an Indonesian Food Stall! Make sure to check them out in the New Year.

Chinatown hosts many different restuarants and takeaways. Wingkee is a favourite for authentic Chinese Food, as is Little Asia

Halal Food – Newcastle has an amazing number of shops that supply halal food! Fenham hosts many halal butchers, restuarants and groceries. Morrisons in Fenham have Halal food in the Worlds Section and on Stanhope Street there are many halal butchers. In Fenham, you’ll also find a halal Subway!

Many restuarants in the City Centre also have halal food, such as Nandos in the Gate. Just look up the restaurant and they should tell you online, or go inside and see if they have a ‘Halal’ sticker.

In terms of authentic Indian/Desi food, Snackwallah near Monument offers Indian Street Food, and Karma Kitchen in town provides for all vegan Indian food! If you want a proper Indian takeaway, then Komal in West Jesmond is a personal favourite.

For a taste of African Caribbean food, be sure to check out ‘House of Joloff’, Tony’s Kitchen and Meal Castle. Many people love to go to Canaca for Jamaican food; it’s just down the street beside Primark on Northumberland Street. 


Newcastle Barbers Shop Resources

Hair City – Right in the City Centre, Hair City has a salon within it as well as a large supplier of hair extensions and wigs!

Made in Kay – This barber shop is a favourite for the members of the African – Caribbean Society at Newcastle!

Ace of Braids – Another highly popular choice, Ace of Braids is both a Hair Extension Shop and Salon!

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