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Students with Faith or Belief Resources




NUSU wants every part of the student community to be represented and have their voice heard. That’s why we hold yearly elections to find a dedicated team of student officers, including a representative for students with faith or belief. If you encounter an issue related to your faith or belief, need advice or just want to talk to a friendly face, you can contact NUSU’s Students with Faith or Belief Officer.

Join one of the many faith based NUSU Societies, including ISoc, NUCU and HAS.

View your Disability Officer


NUSU has a zero-tolerance policy with regard to harassment, discrimination and hate crime. If you’ve experienced harassment because of your religion or belief, or witnessed an incident on campus, we want to know. Head to our to our Report and Support page for information on how to report and get support.


If you encounter an issue related to your faith or belief in your academic life, the NU Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team exists to tackle discrimination and create an inclusive culture throughout all faculties of the University. Find out about the University commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion here.

When joining clubs in the Athletic Union, keep an eye out for our ‘Earn Your Stripes’ Inclusivity badges. Clubs which display this badge have actively worked to include underrepresented members, participated in positive campaigns, and appointed a welfare officer on committee.


The University Chaplaincy Team are a team of chaplains working together who are appointed by their faith communities, recognised by the University and are affiliated to the Student Health and Wellbeing Service.

They are committed to working with students and staff of different faiths and none and to making the University a place of religious tolerance and respect. They are joined in their work by a further team of honorary chaplains who are all members of staff within the University.

The Chaplaincy Team are committed to religious tolerance, diversity and respect.

For more information telephone 0191 208 6341 or email


There is a vibrant and varied faith community in and round Newcastle and there are many locations for expressions of worship in the city. Click on this link for a guide to local places of worship, including churches, temples, synagogues and mosques. There is also a thriving Council of Faiths, and chaplains are happy to put you in touch with people of any faith.

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