Nightline is a confidential and anonymous, listening and information service run by students, for the benefit of students. Contact us any night of term to talk about how you’re feeling or request information about other services. No problem is too big or too small for us: we’re simply here to listen to whatever is on your mind. We won’t judge you, and we won’t advise you on what to do next: that choice is left entirely up to you.

What we will do is give you a space to explore how you’re feeling in complete confidentiality, when friends or family may not be awake, and other services may not be available. We’re here whenever you need us, so do get in touch: we’ll listen, not lecture.

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Whilst we try our utmost to ensure we maintain regular opening times, sometimes unforseeable circumstances can alter what services are live. You can check when we're open using the link below.

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NUSU Nightline offers an anonymous, confidential, and non-judgmental listening service to students at Newcastle University. All calls are taken by two volunteers and may be monitored for training purposes. All calls are documented to assist volunteers with their training and ensure they offer the best service they can. All documentation is anonymous and does not identify the caller. This documentation can only be accessed by NUSU Nightline volunteers. Phone calls will be charged at standard operator rates. We do not record or store phone numbers or IP Addresses.

NUSU Nightline will only break confidentiality and disclose information to relevant third parties in the following circumstances:

  1. If a caller states that they are at risk of harming themselves and provides their exact location, the volunteer will call an ambulance. Simply expressing suicidal thoughts will not result in an ambulance being called immediately. NUSU Nightline is unable to identify the location of a call unless this is revealed by the caller and therefore volunteers will only call for an ambulance if the caller provides their exact location.
  2. If a caller provides information regarding a current or potential serious threat towards others including a threat of terrorism, NUSU Nightline is required under the Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Act 2001 to contact the police.
  3. If a caller declares they are under the age of 18 and provides information of current abuse against themselves, or a caller of any age provides information of current abuse against a minor, NUSU Nightline will pass this information on to the NSPCC.

In these three circumstances, the caller will be informed about the breach of confidentiality unless to do so may result in a further risk if harm to either the caller or other individuals. We may also keep personally identifiable information for a limited period of time to assist with this; the information will be deleted as soon as it is no longer required. Additionally, if NUSU Nightline receives a court order requesting them to disclose information to the police, they will be legally obliged to do so.

In all other circumstances NUSU Nightline will continue to offer an anonymous, confidential, and non-judgemental listening service to its callers.

Alternative Services.

You are able to Samaritans 24/7. You could be going through something new or have been struggling to cope for some time, either way, Samaritans listening service is there if you feel you need some extra support.

Contact Samaritans


We appreciate your feedback; if you have accessed any of Nightline’s services and would like to let us know about your experience then you may do so via our feedback form. This form can be submitted anonymously if you wish to do so. Where contact details are given, we aim to respond to feedback within 10 working days.

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Volunteer with Nightline.

Want to make a difference and help fellow students? Are you compassionate, empathetic, and a good listener? Then you should think about applying to volunteer with Nightline. To volunteer with us, you don’t need prior experience. All we ask is that you come with the right attitude; our extensive weekend-long training programme will cover the rest. Once trained, you’ll have ongoing support and retraining opportunities throughout your time with us.

Think this might be for you? We take on volunteers during the autumn and spring terms of each academic year. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram or visit the Go Volunteer website for more information on when and how to apply.

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